What to do before deleting your Facebook account

Do you want to permanently delete your profile? There are some actions to exclude any remorse: from backing up your files to backing up your birthdays You’ve been thinking about it for a few months now, and you’ve finally made the decision: you want to delete your Facebook account. This decision is not as rare … Read more

What will be the unique features of the PS5

According to Jim Ryan, the PlayStation 5 will have unique features that have yet to be revealed: what will they be? Here are some guesses “The PlayStation 5 will have unique features.” These are the words of Jim Ryan, CEO of┬áSony Interactive Entertainment, the section of the Japanese company dedicated to video games and consoles. … Read more

Electronic invoicing between private individuals, all the answers to your doubts

The start of electronic invoicing between private individuals is getting closer and closer, but there are still many doubts about what it is and how it works. Here are some clarifications From January 1, 2019, electronic invoicing has become mandatory also between private individuals: the systems and procedures used until now only by suppliers of … Read more