Home ADSL offers without phone: the best of March 2020

Over the years, consumer habits have changed considerably: once it was normal to have a landline phone at home and pay the fee, today the increasingly massive use of smartphones has made the need to necessarily have the landline more and more superfluous. In spite of this introduction, which is a fact, most of the … Read more

How to choose a Network-Attached Storage

A NAS, or Network Attached Storage, is a very secure storage system for documents, images and videos. Whether it’s videos, images, documents or even music, today it is essential to have space – physical or virtual – in which to store our wealth of content. If the internal memories of PCs, tablets or smartphones are … Read more

Netflix in 4K quality, but only for Windows 10 users

Only a few will be able to appreciate the service: you’ll need the latest version of Edge and, above all, Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors New things coming for fans of Gilmore Girls. Microsoft announced, in a post published Monday on its site, that the series will soon be available in 4K streaming on computers … Read more