The three missions ready to explore Venus

Missions search for life on the planet, studying its atmosphere up close: the three missions ready to explore Venus Of the Moon, by now, we know almost everything. NASA’s Curiosity rover is exploring, with very interesting results, Mars. But what about our other neighboring planets? If Mercury is too hot to be approached, Venus has … Read more

Bridgerton: 5 curiosities about the Netflix series of the moment

The series of the moment of Netflix, born from the agreement with ShondaLand, offers emotions, food for thought and many curiosities: here are some of them. Bridgerton arrived on Netflix on Christmas day and in a few days it registered a record of views. Even before its release, there was a lot of expectation: the … Read more

Pay with Facebook: the new online payment arrives in Italy

Facebook introduces a new cryptocurrency-based payment method? Let’s get ready to use Facecoin. Here’s how it will work Facebook’s CEO never stops, and after getting his hands on the social and online messaging empire, he’s getting ready to conquer the cryptocurrency one as well. According to some rumors, Mark Zuckerberg is planning to launch a … Read more