Android ransomware that makes data on your phone unreadable

The ransomwre asks users for a ransom of 0.013 Bitcoin which at today’s exchange rate is just over sixty euros. Hundreds of users affected A new malware, called DoubleLocker, is infecting a lot of Android devices. It is a ransomware virus that locks every piece of information on your smartphone. The hacker attack exploits an … Read more

The Privacy Guarantor revolutionizes Immuni: what changes

Now those who know they are positive to the virus will be able to report it without going to a doctor: the Privacy Guarantor has decided it. That Immuni has been a flop app despite over 10 million downloads is unfortunately a fact: its contribution in contact tracing and, consequently, in stemming the spread of … Read more

How to block nuisance calls and messages on iPhone

Blocking calls and messages received from nuisance on iPhone is very simple. Here’s how to do it in seconds Blocking phone calls from nuisance (friends, former colleagues and especially call centers) is one of the most useful features on smartphones. Apple introduced many years ago a system on the iPhone that allows you to blacklist … Read more

The 5 phases of a hacker attack

Normally a hacker attack follows a gradual process, characterized by several steps. Some of them start months before the targets are hit In spite of the sacrifices, especially economic ones, to strengthen their own information security systems, companies and institutions, a reservoir of precious information, continue to be hit by hackers, as shown also by … Read more

Instagram, easier to comment with emoji

The latest update to the socia platform allows Android and iOS users to have the most used emoji at their fingertips After a few months of testing, which began in May 2018, Instagram has released a new feature for Android and iOS users. Now commenting with an emoji, that is, with a funny face or … Read more