How it works and why to buy a smart video intercom

We live in the era of online purchases and home deliveries, that’s why the smart video intercom is an extraordinarily convenient solution, where you can install it, today we explain how it works and why it is worth buying one. When we talk about smart video intercom, we are referring to a very simple to … Read more

SkyGo, picture-in-picture mode arrives on Android

The Android version of Sky Go introduces a new display mode, which will allow you to continue watching broadcasts even when using other apps No more interruptions while watching soccer matches, episodes of TV series and movies: now the Sky Go app finally features the “Picture-in-Picture” (PiP) function. The new feature has arrived on version … Read more

H2, the Chinese smartphone that sees inside objects. Photo and video

Available at the moment only in China, the mobile device can measure the chemical structure of liquids and solids thanks to a molecular sensor developed by a Tel Aviv company Not only virtual and augmented reality, smartphones are preparing to experience a new revolution. And this is thanks to Changhong, a Chinese company that has … Read more

Sunflower, the drone that wants to replace the security cameras

Also equipped with artificial intelligence, the aircraft operates autonomously and sends to a smartphone real-time images of the monitored area Soon we could entrust our homes to an alternative video surveillance system, and probably even more efficient. The idea came from Sunflower, an American startup also based in Zurich that has developed a smart quadricopter … Read more