Facebook takes the field: virtual reality becomes social

Zuckerberg from the stage of Oculus Connect 3 announces the testing of new visors capable of interacting with the outside world and social networks Intense days for virtual reality. And everyone wants to do his part. After Google here is also the project signed Facebook. The social network, in collaboration with Oculus VR, relaunches the … Read more

How to search for a word or phrase in a PDF file

Everyone happens to use, especially for work or study, PDF files, here’s how we can quickly search for a phrase or word Probably, along with JPEG and DOC is one of the most widely used and known file formats ever. Even if you turn on your PC for the first time, it is very likely … Read more

Very Mobile or Iliad? Here’s how to choose between the two offers

Are you interested in changing mobile operator, but you are not able to choose between the offers of Very Mobile and Iliad? The mobile rates proposed by the two operators have very low costs, but which is the best in terms of speed and coverage? What are the characteristics of the individual promotions and which, … Read more