How to do DIY online advertising

Online advertising goes through three channels: search engines, website banners and social networking campaigns. The rules of self-promotion on the web Having an up-to-date and well-maintained website and social network channels gives businesses an excellent online presence, but just “being there” is not enough to expand the number of customers. To make themselves known and … Read more

4 ways augmented reality will change the iPhone

With the launch of iOS 11 and the iPhone 8, augmented reality will change the way we use our smartphones: we’ll be able to measure distances between objects and try on clothes With the launch of iOS 11, Apple will allow developers to create apps and features for augmented reality. AR that promises to be … Read more

What is Phishing? A Dangerous Scam: Here’s How Not to Bite

Phishing is a type of fraud designed to steal important sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and bank account information Phishing is a ploy to trick users into revealing personal or financial information through an email or website, but increasingly also through incoming messages from popular applications such as Whatsapp or Facebook. A … Read more