TIM residual credit problem, what’s happening

Since today morning, some TIM users have found themselves debits for several thousand euros on their phone account. Here’s what’s going on If you have a rechargeable TIM SIM card, be careful to check your remaining credit: you may receive nasty surprises. Just take a trip on various social networks – Twitter in particular – … Read more

A smartphone with a camera that becomes a drone: the incredible patent

Innovation calls, Vivo responds: here is the surprising patent filed by the company, a smartphone with an integrated drone Innovation speaks Chinese. This has been demonstrated in recent times by various Chinese manufacturers, who have “pushed” their creative solutions with great audacity. Now Vivo joins the bold ones with an astonishing patent deposited at the … Read more

The hidden features of the iPhone SE 2020

Apple did not reveal some features of the iPhone SE, such as RAM and battery. But some insiders have anticipated them: here are all the secrets of the smartphone On yesterday (April 15) Apple presented the new iPhone SE 2020,¬†low-cost smartphone that raises the ambitions of the Cupertino company in the mid-range. It’s been four … Read more

Chrome, deleted hundreds of dangerous extensions

Chrome has identified dozens of extensions that steal users’ data and activate unwanted paid subscriptions: here are what they are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox engineers have removed hundreds of very dangerous extensions from the online stores of the two browsers: they were accused of stealing data from users and running remote code compromising users’ … Read more

Fortnite 5.3, what’s new

Fortnite updates to version 5.3 and introduces a new object to move on the maps and new powerful weapons Fortnite updates with patch 5.3 and the big news of one of the most played video games at the moment on iPhone, computer and console (the Android app is coming soon) is the Portable Slit. What … Read more