Facebook and its team of researchers secret to read your mind

Facebook is working on a device that can scan the human brain, the technology is likely to be presented at the upcoming F8 conference Facebook wants to spy on our minds. No, it’s not the title of a new science fiction book focused on the fear of control in the time of social networks, but … Read more

How to create and use Memoji on iPhone and Android

Creating and using Memoji, customizable avatars in your likeness, is easy on both iPhone and Android: you can use them with Whatsapp and save them in the gallery. Memoji stickers, or those customizable caricatures of ourselves that you can send on Whatsapp using iPhone (6s and up), are having a lot of success. Let’s not … Read more

How to stream Baby 2 by Netflix

Find out how to stream Baby 2, a series produced by Netflix available online from October 18, 2019 The cheekiness of Ludovica and Chiara, the beauty and naughtiness of “Mamma Roma”, the fairy world of Parioli. All this and much more will be the background of Baby 2, the second season of one of the … Read more