Windows 10, the hidden tool to manage open windows

With Window Walker you can switch from one window to another or from one tab to another on Windows 10, here’s how to do it. Whether we use Windows 10 for work, or if we use it just for fun or to play, very often we find ourselves with lots of open apps and lots … Read more

Cashback 2021: quali rimborsi slittano a novembre

Il nuovo decreto lavoro del governo Draghi del 30 giugno 2021 cambia le regole del Cashback: ecco tutte le novità sui rimborsi Veronica Nicosia Giornalista scientifico Laureata in astrofisica, giornalista scientifico e content editor SEO, scrive di tecnologia per magazine online e carta stampata. Nel 2020 approda a Libero Tecnologia La sospensione del programma Cashback … Read more

How to contact Netflix support

Want to know how you can subscribe or solve your problems with Netflix? Contact support! Read the article and find out how to do it on Libero Tecnologia. If you’re desperately looking for someone who can solve your problems with the Netflix platform, or you want to subscribe and you do not know how to … Read more

IPhone X, 5G arrives in 2020

Apple is starting tests for the implementation of 5G by 2020 on iPhones, the chip should be made by Intel but there are some problems According to some sources inside Cupertin,o Apple will launch in 2020 its first iPhone X with 5G technology. This news is highly anticipated by users fond of Apple’s devices who … Read more