The Galaxy S11 will be called Picasso

Despite being several months away from launch, the first information about the Galaxy S11 is already starting to leak out. Which, in the meantime, could change its name The next Samsung smartphone that everyone can’t wait to see and touch is the Galaxy Note 10, but already begin to circulate the first rumors about the … Read more

Fall Guys, the new video game that challenges Fortnite

A simple, fast, colorful and completely non-violent game: that’s why Fall Guys Knockout appeals to young gamers and even parents There’s a new title in the hearts of gamers around the world, especially younger ones: it’s Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, it was developed by MediaTonic and was launched on August 4 for Windows PC and … Read more

Presentazione iPhone 12, Apple ha deciso la data: inizia il count down

Dopo tanta attesa l’iPhone 12 sembra finalmente in arrivo: Apple ha dato appuntamento per martedì prossimo La data che tutti gli Apple fan, e tutto il mondo dell’elettronica di consumo, aspettava di conoscere da mesi è finalmente stata decisa: martedì 13 ottobre, alle 19:00 italiane, Apple presenterà ufficialmente l’iPhone 12. La casa di Cupertino ha … Read more