YouTube, here come the Stories

Google is implementing on YouTube a feature similar to Instagram’s Stories, only not all users will be able to upload them and they will last for a full 7 days Needless to deny it, Stories, that is, photos that disappear after a handful of seconds, are the real success for social media in recent years. … Read more

WhatsApp Web: calls and video calls are coming

WhatsApp is preparing to launch calls and video calls from the desktop version to the web as well: what’s changing Calls and video calls could be coming soon for WhatsApp Web users as well. Developers are working on an update to the desktop version of the popular messaging app, adding a feature that has long … Read more

Sweden, employees with implanted microchip to replace badges

In Sweden, a startup has installed a microchip in its employees to replace badges. It’s used to get in and out of the office and print Complacers around the world unite, your time has come. In Sweden, the startup Epicenter has decided to implant a microchip in the body of its employees to facilitate the … Read more