IPhone 13 will have an even more powerful A15 Bionic chip

The iPhone 13 will be equipped with a new chip, the A15 Bionic, more powerful than the current one and with lower power consumption. But that’s not the only news about Apple’s upcoming chips From the current A14 Bionic to the next A15 Bionic, passing by A14X, A14T and a new GPU: this is the … Read more

Hackers attack Italian healthcare: the Police response

From the beginning of the pandemic +246% of cyber attacks and +64% of computer frauds, discovered a hacker from Taranto who used a virus to steal bank accounts from thousands of victims. That 2020 had been a difficult year for Italian cybersecurity experts had already been understood for some time. That hackers have been trying … Read more

How credit card scams work and how to defend yourself

It’s called skimming and it’s one of the most dangerous threats to people who like to shop online. Here’s how it works Credit card scams are very common: many people avoid using this method of payment when shopping online for fear of money and personal data being stolen. Often, if they must, they rely only … Read more