Come usare un CRM per ottimizzare il business di un’azienda

Fidelizzare i propri clienti e ottenere nuovi contatti: come ampliare il proprio business usando un Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Veronica Nicosia Giornalista scientifico Laureata in astrofisica, giornalista scientifico e content editor SEO, scrive di tecnologia per magazine online e carta stampata. Nel 2020 approda a Libero Tecnologia La fidelizzazione dei clienti e l’acquisizione di nuovi … Read more

What can an email address contain (and what can’t)?

We don’t always manage to create an email address with ease. What are the reasons? Are there some characters that can’t be used? Here are the answers Although we live in an era dominated by technology, there are still some people who have some difficulty with choosing the correct name for their email. You must have … Read more

When the Galaxy Note 10 comes out

The presentation date of the Galaxy Note 10 is approaching. The Samsung phablet is expected to be presented on August 7 in New York. Expected, in addition, a surprise It is now just a few days before the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the top-of-the-line phablet of the Korean manufacturer. According to the … Read more

How to quickly recharge your smartphone

Here are some little tricks to put into practice when you have little time and your smartphone battery is about to run out completely Let’s imagine an everyday scene: we come home from work but we have just 20, maximum 30 minutes, to change and succeed. What to do if your smartphone is almost out … Read more

Facebook, comes the filter against spoilers

Facebook is updating its algorithms to allow users to remove posts with spoilers about movies and TV series from the newsfeed, here’s how it works TV series fans? One of your worst nightmares surely are online spoilers. That is, that someone who has already seen the series or the film reveals us the plot or, even … Read more