Android problems, all apps crash: how to fix

Bad wake-up call for hundreds of millions of Android users around the world: all apps crash all the time, here’s why and how to fix this problem. Since last night many Android smartphones have been behaving in a very strange way: most apps, as soon as they are opened, immediately crash. It’s not a single … Read more

PlayStation: virtual reality revolution kicks off

Sony’s console with virtual reality visor could represent the future of the gaming industry and beyond. Shawn Layden The PlayStation VR is the world’s largest virtual reality platform and its true potential will only be seen in ten years. Shawn Layden, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, is convinced of this, and in a … Read more

Google Pixel 6 could have 5 years of updates, like iPhone

Strong of the chip developed in house, Google is caressing the idea of catching up with Apple on software support starting from Pixel 6 It could be Google the first manufacturer to match Apple’s offer in terms of software support. In fact, who buys an iPhone can sleep soundly for five years, during which Apple … Read more

Discount codes: where to find them and how to use them

From Amazon to Asos: promo codes are beloved by Italian consumers. They allow you to save money and are very easy to use. Here’s how to find them and use them online What’s better than buying your favorite items from the comfort of your home via e-commerce? Save money thanks to a discount code! Yes, … Read more

Quale operatore ha internet più veloce

La FTTH offre le migliori prestazioni, gli operatori promettono 1 GBit/s ma la banda minima è più bassa. Ecco chi assicura la connessione internet più rapida Le offerte degli operatori di linea fissa e mobile sono ormai ossessivamente concentrate sulla promessa di una connessione fulminea. La connessione più veloce di sempre è uno degli slogan più … Read more