Sexting lovers win, fishing is back among iOS emoji

Apple in the update of its operating system has reinstated the fishing emoji that had created debates and jokes for its resemblance to a butt In life there are many debates still unresolved. The peace between Israel and Palestine, the agreements between Russia and the United States or world hunger. If you are thinking about … Read more

Alienware has produced the first laptop with Cherry MX keyboard

Dell updates the Alienware R4 gaming laptops: they now have a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switch, 10th generation Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU. For gamers, and not only, a laptop with particularly interesting features is coming. Alienware, a well-known company among gamers that belongs to the Dell Group, has in fact … Read more

How many movies can you download from Netflix?

Netflix introduced a few months ago the feature that allows users to watch movies even without internet. But there are limits Long awaited by users, the subject of rumors for months and then finally announced. We’re talking about Netflix, or rather the feature that since a few months, exactly since December 2016, allows subscribers to … Read more

The best Simpsons episodes on Disney +

All seasons of The Simpsons are on Disney +, except for one episode that was cancelled. Here’s everything you need to know For Simpsons fans, Disney + is the platform of dreams. All seasons of one of the most beloved animated series in Italy are available on the new video streaming service. Fans of Homer, … Read more

Huawei HarmonyOS: the anti-Android is ready to launch

The wait is about to end: millions of Huawei users around the world, orphaned by Google’s Android OS updates, will soon be able to switch to HarmonyOS HarmonyOS, the “alternative” operating system to Google Android developed by Huawei for its smartphones, is almost ready for global launch, even outside of China. Also Italian Huawei users, … Read more