Come ridurre il peso di una foto

Le immagini sono tra i file più pesanti, seconde soltanto ai video. Per questo motivo spesso è utile ridurre il peso delle foto, considerando che molti programmi permettono di farlo gratis. Ad esempio, puoi utilizzare dei software online, con cui comprimere immagini in vari formati, mantenendo una discreta qualità finale, oppure installare un software sul … Read more

What are DDoS attacks, how are they born and how to defend themselves

According to security experts from Akamai, one of the largest providers of CDN (Content Delivery Network) services in the world, it is the cyber threat par excellence. A sort of digital sword of Damocles that hangs over the heads of all Internet users. In their quarterly report on the state of Internet security, the analysts … Read more

Black holes, what we know about galactic tsunamis that can trigger

Thanks to new computer simulations, researchers have acquired some information about what can happen in the gas surrounding a black hole The area surrounding huge black holes is a very extreme environment. New computer simulations, however, have allowed researchers to acquire some information about what can happen in the gas surrounding one of these cosmic … Read more

Sense, the smart device that improves sleep with big data

The new version has added voice control and included new sensors. Sense with Voice can be pre-ordered for $149 A novelty recommended especially for those who suffer from insomnia. Hello, an American startup, has launched a new version of Sense, a smart device that when you wake up provides information on the quality of sleep. … Read more