Auting, the car sharing service arrives in Italy in January 2017

The car sharing platform will start in January 2017 and will be launched in the cities of Bologna, Milan, Turin and Rimini. The cost to rent the car is around 20 euros

Taxis in most cities are very expensive. Public transport is sometimes not so efficient. We don't want or can't buy a car. What can we do? One solution could be to resort to car sharing among private individuals.

The direct sharing service will arrive for the first time also in Italy in January 2017. The idea brings the signature of a group of entrepreneurs from Bologna of the marketing and communication agency  LO Studio. The team, in fact, is ready to launch Auting, a platform through which users will be able to rent a car. An economic alternative to the classic car sharing. On the one hand, in fact, the owners will be able to amortize the costs of maintaining the car, on the other hand the "renters" will be able to save a lot of money. According to Lorenzo Osti, one of the creators of the project, with Auting "you can save up to 20-30% compared to traditional rentals".

How does Auting work

How does the platform work? Let's start with the owner. The first thing he has to do is register on Auting. He will inevitably have to enter the images of the machine and establish the price. Then he will have to indicate the days in which he is available to "lend" the car. Regarding the rental price, Auting will recommend a starting fee of 20 €. The owner can also increase it. One of the main strengths of the service are the rates that will be calculated not by the hour, but daily.

What the driver must give

As for the owner, he will have to enter his data in the platform and then identify which car to rent. In the choice the user will be helped by the comments left in the community by other customers. At this point all that remains is to wait for the confirmation of the owner and make an appointment for the delivery of the keys. What if the driver has an accident? Nothing to worry about, the platform protects the owner of the car with a special insurance, also useful against increases in the policy premium. The car sharing service between private individuals will start in the cities of Bologna, Milan, Turin and Rimini.