Baby: coming the last season on Netflix

The story of Chiara and Ludovica comes to an end: with the new episodes the famous TV series ends. Available from September 16, let's get ready to watch it

Now just a few days are missing to the release of the third and final season of Baby: the Italian TV series will be available on Netflix from September 16. The teen drama was produced by the streaming giant and is preparing to tell the concluding events. In fact, the new episodes will also be the last ones and will close a cycle that began in 2018.

The story is freely inspired by the Parioli child prostitution scandal discovered a few years ago by the police, a news story that shocked not only the capital but the entire country. In fact, some girls - then minors - ended up in a criminal ring frequented by wealthy people. The TV series takes this news story as its starting point and tells the story of Chiara and Ludovica, two friends who attend the Collodi high school in Rome and who find themselves caught up in a difficult situation, bigger than themselves, from which they struggle to get out.

How Baby 3 Ends: Synopsis and Previews

The writers are ready to put the finishing touches to a story that has thrilled thousands of Italians and say they are very pleased with their work: "We are thrilled to announce the third season of Baby, which will also be the final. It's amazing how many of you have been on this journey with us and our characters. We are grateful to you for loving this series, for sticking with it. We feel that the characters have completed their journey and that after three seasons the story has come to its natural conclusion. We are enormously satisfied to have come this far and we are ready for the grand finale."

The finale of Baby 3 will indeed be full of twists and turns. According to Netflix, a truth will come out that will shock all the characters in the series. Everyone will have to come to terms with their demons and especially with their responsibilities. On the one hand the kids, who almost for fun have interfaced with a difficult and criminal world, on the other hand the parents who do not know how to react and help their children, locked in their secrets, as big as difficult to reveal.

Both would need support and confrontation, but the gap between generations is difficult to overcome. All these elements will emerge in the final season of the TV series. Even the stainless friendship between Chiara and Ludovica will be put to the test for the umpteenth time. The scriptwriters have promised to solve every complication and give the series a noteworthy ending.

Baby 3: cast

At the side of Benedetta Porcaroli, in the role of Chiara and Alice Pagani, in that of Ludovica, we will find many characters dear to the TV series. There will be Isabella Ferrari, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Claudia Pandolfi and Max Tortora. But the last season will also welcome a young and unscrupulous character, Aurora, who will be played by Anna Lou Castoldi, daughter of Asia Argento.

In the background a soundtrack composed of pop songs also Italian, including the single "Maleducata" by Achille Lauro.

Baby 3: how and when to watch it in streaming

As announced, Baby 3, one of the most watched Italian TV series, will be officially released on September 16 on Netflix. In order to watch it, it is therefore necessary to be a subscriber to the online streaming service and to have an appropriate device: movies, TV series and all the contents of the platform can be enjoyed on smart TVs, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

In addition, the app can also be downloaded on any console to be then connected to a screen. After logging in and launching the app, just search for the TV series and click Play. The first episode of the new season will start automatically, provided you have seen the previous ones. While waiting for the new episodes you can watch the first two seasons of Baby on Netflix.