Back to the past, who is the scientist who wants us to travel in time

Ron Mallet's dream is to become a child again to see his father, who died prematurely. Who is the scientist who wants us to travel in time.

The story of the man convinced he can travel in time is not a story made of calculations and cold mathematical equations. Of course, there are those too, but the impetus that drove Ron Mallett to invest years and years of his life in such an unusual field of research corresponds to a very human reason: to see a parent who died prematurely due to a heart attack, when I was only 10 years old.

But let's go step by step.

Who is Ron Mallet and why is he trying to travel through time

It's worth making it clear that Ron Mallett is not an eccentric, or maybe he is, but he is first and foremost a highly respected scientist. A professor of physics at the University of Connecticut, he has investigated black holes, general relativity, and the theories of space, time and gravity, which Albert Einstein had dabbled in before him.

Another area of research by the American university professor is the idea that it is possible to travel through time. Mallet has developed equations and scientific principles on the basis of which, he claims, a time machine can be created, but he believes it is unlikely to be developed while he is still alive. This does not mean that what the researcher has done cannot represent the basis for future evolutions.

How Ron Mallet's time machine works

"It all depends - are the words of the visionary - on Einstein's theory of relativity, which said that time can be influenced by speed." For example, if a group of people were to cross space in a rocket capable of reaching the speed of light, they could return to Earth "discovering that they have only a few more years", while on our planet they would be "decades later".

This is in fact time travel, which finds its place in Einstein's theory of relativity and which we consider absolutely possible. In our case, however, we are talking about going backwards, not forwards.

Einstein's theory of relativity states, however, that time is also influenced by gravity. For this reason Mallett intends to act on space to operate on time, this time making it flow backwards and opening a wormhole that is a tunnel with two openings that goes from the future to the past and allows you to return to the future through a reverse path.

Mallett has created lasers that could be used to travel back in time. Although he was inspired by an old experiment he did as a child, it would be, according to the scientist, a device that can function as a time machine and just needs to be implemented. The 11-year-old genius who wants to make humans immortal seems like an excellent candidate for the baton handover.

Giuseppe Giordano