Backup and Sync, how to backup files and photos online on Google

Google introduces Backup and Sync, a new service for Windows and Mac computers that will allow you to save files and images in your personal cloud space

Between smartphones, computers and smart cameras every day we are forced to disentangle ourselves from numerous files: images, videos, documents. And sometimes, especially when you change devices, it becomes difficult to find them or transfer them quickly.

The Californian company has launched Backup and Sync, a new service with which you can back up all your data online. With the tool, in fact, you can save files and photos in the cloud. And it is very simple to use. The system of the Mountain View-based company is also a useful tool to better organize the data on your computer. Backup and Sync lets you save the file in a folder. And that's not all. Big G's service is also a valid alternative to keep your data safe. In addition, since it is an online tool, there is no danger of losing personal data. As it happens when, for example, your PC breaks down.

Backup and Sync

Using the tool, as mentioned, is not difficult. Backup and Sync, in fact, works by saving files in Google Drive and images in Google Photos. It is a secure computer application that can be used by both Windows and Mac users. To access the tool, all you have to do is download the new Google app. Then, once the download is complete, you'll just have to launch Backup and Synchronization and enter the login credentials of your Google account (username and password). At this point, all you have to do is select the synchronization settings, i.e. choose which folder (and therefore files) to save in the cloud and press Next.

Files at your fingertips

With Backup and Sync, Google replaces the Google Photos and Drive uploaders. The new service is very useful as it allows you to access files and photos, which were previously saved on your PC, from any device. And most importantly, at any time.