Batman Day 2019: the bat-signal lights up the sky of Fortnite

On Fortnite is about to start the event Fortnite x Batman that includes several challenges to complete to get premium gadgets. Also present a special package

"Fortnite X Batman" is the name of the new event that the guys at Epic Games have organized during the tenth season of Fortnite. It is not the first time that the software house makes an agreement with other cartoon or video game characters. A few weeks ago an event was created for Borderlands 3, while in the previous months Avengers EndGame-themed challenges were launched.

There is still no exact date on the start of the new event, but it will most likely start on September 21, Batman Day. In addition to the various daily challenges, the "Fortnite X Batman" event brings with it a novelty that will make fans of the masked man happy: a package with premium content that can be purchased directly from the store. The news was discovered by the leaker Rift, who immediately posted the news on its social channels. The Batman Rhe Dark Night pack should contain a Batman skin, a cape, a hang glider and the Batarang, the weapon of the Dark Knight.

Fortnite, the event dedicated to Batman arrives, with many surprises

Some of the challenges present in the Fortnite x Batman event have already been published online. For example, the "Welcome to Gotham City" challenges will force players to complete several tasks: inflict damage on opponents with a Batarang Blast, light up Bat Signals in Gotham City, use a Bat Grapple, do damage within 30 seconds of using the Bat Grapple, and finally, do all of these things in the same match.

Those who complete all or only some of the challenges will receive some Batman-themed gadgets that can also be used in the future.

Batman The Dark Night pack: how much does it cost and what does it contain

Along with the challenges, the "Batman x Fortnite" event also includes a special pack that can be purchased by players in the online store. It is priced at €19.99 and for the first time can only be purchased via real money.

The Batman The Dark Night pack contains a Batman skin, a decorative cape, a hang glider and the Batarang to use in battle.