Baywatch: what happened to the actors of the series

The TV series starring the Baywatch beach guards ended long ago: what are the most beloved lifeguards of the small screen doing today?

Baywatch was one of the most watched TV series broadcast in the 1990s. The sea of Los Angeles, Malibu and the group of beach guards, ready to save lives in their red uniforms, kept millions of people company from 1989 to 2001. A few days ago, the network Italia 1, aired the movie of the same name and many wondered where the protagonists of the series had ended up.

Seth Gordon is the director who in 2017 directed the movie Baywatch starring the comedy "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. The real film adaptation of one of the most popular American TV series that had several related movies and a spin off: Baywatch Nights. The series was very successful, not only because it was broadcast in 200 countries around the world, at a time when streaming still did not exist as we know it today, but it was translated into 48 different languages. Today, in 2021, what has happened to Pamela Anderson, David Hassehloff, Gena Lee Nolin and all the other protagonists of this cult series?

Pamela Anderson: C. J. Parker

Pamela Anderson, since the beginning of the series has always been a sexy and beauty icon: now she is also a worldwide star and comedy actress. Her latest works were Scary Movie 3 - A laugh will bury you, Scooby-Doo and Borat. With David Hasseloff she appeared in the cameo dedicated to them in Gordon's own Baywatch movie. The beautiful lifeguard has participated in five seasons of the beloved series from the third to the seventh. Pamela, who is now 54 years old, is a staunch defender of animals: she has become one of the main testimonials of Peta.

Mitch Buchannon aka David Hasseloff

The absolute protagonist of all seasons of Baywatch is him: Mitch Buchannon. David Hasseloff, who the Italian public already knew for another successful TV series, Supercar with the iconic KIT, has been the face of the legendary Mitch for years. We could say that he is the face of Baywatch. After the experience as a lifeguard he participated in successful films such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Sharknado and the already mentioned cameo with Anderson. Now David is 69 years old and got married for the third time in 2018 in Puglia.

Geena Lee Nolin and David Charvet

Geena, who played Mitch's ex-wife Neely Capshaw, today after starring in the TV show Sheena is happily married for the third time and has three children. David Charvet instead that in the series has given the face and body to the athletic and muscular Matt Brody, after leaving the costume as a lifeguard has participated in another successful series of the nineties Merlose Place. He had good success in the movies The Perfect Teacher and Prisoners of the Sun. David released three albums as a singer which were quite successful. Today at age 49, he is divorced and has two children.