Beats Studio Buds, Apple’s new headphones will be USB-C

The presence of the USB-C input in the Beats Studio Buds charging case could indicate that Apple is about to give in to the USB-C standard.

It could be the continuation of a slow surrender to the prevailing standard by Apple, which after a strenuous resistance on the proprietary Lightning standard has gradually introduced more and more products with USB-C, including Macs and iPads. The fact is that the certification at the NCC of the next TWS earphones of Beats, a company passed into the hands of Apple in 2014 for almost $ 3 billion, has revealed an unexpected detail.

According to information released in recent hours by the Taiwanese certification body, the Beats Studio Buds have abandoned the Lightning input in favor of the transversality guaranteed by the USB-C standard. The body in question, NCC or National Communications Commission, is the Taiwanese equivalent of the Chinese TEENA and the U.S. FCC, so it is unlikely that the anticipation about the Beats Studio Buds is totally far-fetched. Apple never ceases to amaze: on the true wireless earphones there was the conviction to know everything thanks to the numerous rumors arrived over time, but the adoption of the USB-C input had remained under the radar.

The Beats Studio Buds and the novelty of NCC

Although they are not official and we do not know when they may become so, the Beats Studio Buds were sufficiently known even before this latest detail arrived. The revamped design is one of the main novelties of the next earbuds of Beats: the detachment from the previous and the Apple range, think of the two AirPods, is evident by the lack of the stem, which moreover reduces the size consistently.

The images from the NCC database give a clear idea of the small size of the Beats Studio Buds, which could therefore be particularly comfortable for those who habitually practice sports and benefit from music during training.

The Beats Studio Buds will arrive in an oval plastic charging case, with the Beats logo clearly visible in the center. Despite the fact that the photos filtered so far depict them in black coloring, there are rumors that they may also arrive in white and red coloring, most likely with a charging case to match the coloring of the headphones.

USB-C on the Beats Studio Buds 

And it is precisely the charging case that is the focus of today's rumor: instead of having the Lightning input you'd expect from a product in Apple's orbit, there's the USB-C one that allows those who buy them to reduce the number of cables to carry around as well as to charge them more easily should you suddenly find yourself running out of power, since USB-C cables are far more common than Lightning ones.

It remains to be seen whether Beats Studio Buds' adoption of USB-C input might be a hint that Apple would be ready to do the same on the earbuds it sells under its own name like the AirPods and AirPods Pro. Who knows, the next generation might be the one of a momentous transition.