Ben and Bella Thorne star in new Amazon documentary

Ben and Bella Thorne star in Amazon Original's new docu-film coming to Prime Video: when Ben: Breathe

The life of singer-songwriter Benji, stage name Benjamin Mascolo, and his love story with girlfriend and future wife Bella Thorne are now coming to streaming. Ben: Breathe is Mascolo's biographical docu-film produced by Amazon Original and will soon be available on Prime Video.

A film and documentary that focuses on the figure of the young singer, who after the separation from former colleague Federico Rossi, with whom they formed the duo Benji and Faith, has now found his way as a solo artist and especially a partner for life. Ambitions and goals to be achieved, difficulties and obstacles encountered along the way, the support of his family and even love: the protagonist starts from the story of the rare disease that struck him and his rebirth, which led him to change habits and life to continue to pursue success and dreams in a long journey between Italy, Los Angeles and New York.

Ben: Breathe, what the docu-film is about

The documentary about Benjamin Mascolo's life starts from the traumatic experience of the rare disease that struck him when he was 21 years old. Ben suffered from pulmonary histiocytosis and was intubated in the intensive care unit for two weeks. A rare disease caused by a wrong lifestyle and especially because of smoking and other substances.

The disease has marked the life of the singer, who after the initial moment of fear and pain has been reborn, adopting a healthy lifestyle. The docu-film Ben:Breathe reveals the beginning of a moment of crisis and difficulties, which obstacle after obstacle led the young man to regain his health and the strength to follow his dreams and ambitions.

There is also the story of his deepest relationships and values, such as the importance of friendship, family and love. Especially the latter, which sees him linked to actress Bella Thorne, with whom he announced his wedding. A journey that will take viewers along with Ben between the places dearest to him, such as Italy and the United States, where he lives between Los Angeles and New York.

Ben: Breathe, when it arrives

Amazon Original's docu-film on the life of Ben and future wife Bella Thorne will arrive exclusively on Prime Video starting November 12. The documentary Ben: Respira is produced by Marco Belardi for Lotus Production, a Leone Film Group company, and directed by Gianluigi Carella.

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