Best Android apps to free up smartphone memory

Optimizing your Android smartphone is an extremely important task, as apps and programs fill up the internal memory every day, decreasing performance. To speed up an Android device you can use special apps to clean up your phone, which help you scan your terminal, remove unnecessary files and uninstall applications that you no longer use. Here are the best 2019 apps for cleaning Android.

Free up space on Android with Power Clean

A great app for freeing up space on your phone is Power Clean, a free program that can be downloaded at no additional cost on the Google Play Store. The app is reliable and not very heavy, with a size of just 7.3 MB, so it doesn't affect the smartphone's performance. Once installed it can clean any Android mobile device to perfection, an efficient solution to achieve consistent energy savings, while also protecting the device from viruses and malware.

Specifically with Power Clean you can delete unwanted and useless files, empty the cache, remove any traces left by uninstalled apps, block unwanted notifications and increase privacy thanks to the built-in AppLock system. What's more, it can speed up your Android phone by freeing up RAM space, managing information according to your preferences, finding duplicate files and analyzing CPU temperature, to stop apps that increase it excessively.

Cleaning up on Android with SD Maid

Judged by most users as the best Android cleaning app of 2019, SD Maid is a simple and effective app that allows you to keep your smartphone tidy and free up space in the internal memory. Specifically, the app helps you remove unnecessary files, manage installed apps, quickly find all files and content, monitor memory and optimize databases.

In addition, SD Maid is able to delete files you don't need, especially those that are automatically duplicated, taking up space unnecessarily, clear documents from the cache and unearth any removed app files left in the memory of your Android device. The app has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, with the latest version being released in May 2019 and is completely free, despite the presence of some advertisements.

Free up space on Android with DiskUsage

A perfect Android cleaner is DiskUsage, an app that is extremely popular among users, however only available in English. It is a free application that allows you to scan your smartphone, analyze the contents of internal memory and find programs that take up the most space. The results of the scan are shown in a block chart, which is an intuitive way to quickly figure out where to intervene.

For example, you can find uninstalled apps that continue to keep files and programs active, slowing down the device's performance, or unnecessary items that can be deleted without much thought. Although it is capable of removing unnecessary files as well, it is advisable to use DiskUsage only for scans, making use of more efficient phone cleaning apps like SD Maid and Power Clean.

Cleaning Android with CCleaner

A good app to free up space on Android is CCleaner, definitely one of the best apps of 2019. Figuring out how to free up phone storage with this app is really easy, in fact you just need to download it for free from Google Play Store, install it in your smartphone and launch it. After that you can delete apps you don't use, unnecessary files from the cache memory, manage temporary documents, check download folders and delete WhatsApp's heavy media files, such as photos, videos and PDFs.

In the free version, not all the features available in the app are present, however you can activate the paid package, which at a cost of just €1.95 allows you to perform memory cleanses in automatic mode. With the app you can monitor your phone, in particular by analyzing in real time the operation of installed applications, to quickly find programs that affect the CPU temperature, take up too many resources or fill the cache with duplicate files.

Cleaning up on Android with Files GO by Google

For free phone cleaning you can use Files GO, a lightweight and efficient app developed by Google. The application was created with the aim of freeing up space from Android smartphones, which are often slowed down by a high presence of unnecessary files in the internal memory. The program offers several features, including the ability to quickly scan, to find in a few moments the heaviest content and apps.

At the same time with Files GO you can increase your storage space, deleting duplicate files, photos in the app's chats, emptying the cache memory and deleting old applications. You can also get advice on how to manage your phone, thanks to Google's artificial intelligence systems, share files offline without affecting mobile data consumption, back up your data to Google Drive or an external SD card, all in an app that's only 10 MB.

Clear up space on Android with Google Photos

Often underestimated, Google Photos is a great app for managing heavy files like photos, which are one of the biggest contributors to slowing down Android devices, especially older models. To prevent your phone's memory from filling up quickly, just install this app and recover space in your smartphone. To do so, simply store your photos in the cloud, backing up videos to Google Photos, a service that's always accessible through your Google account at

This way you can free up space quickly and easily, sharing files with your contacts in seconds, even via email. What's more, you can use the application's editing service for free, which lets you adjust brightness, apply filters and improve contrast, resulting in high-quality photos. You can also use the app's editing service, which lets you adjust brightness, apply filters and improve contrast, resulting in high-quality photos.

Cleaning up your Android with Avast Mobile Security

An alternative to apps that only clean your phone is Avast Mobile Security, a program that does two things at once: freeing up your smartphone's memory and keeping it protected against external threats like viruses and malware. The app provides you with various services, such as antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Photo Vault, Call Blocker, Wi-Fi Security and the Cleaner option, with which you can clean files from the memory.

The built-in services are really useful, as they allow you to block unwanted ads while browsing, protect your personal data from applications, using protection systems such as passwords and PIN codes, or take advantage of VPN networks when connecting to unsafe public Wi-Fi. In addition, with Avast Mobile Security you can perform speed tests, save energy by optimizing the battery charge, up to taking a selfie automatically in case of theft.

Clear your Android smarphone with Clean Master

Those who want to perform a perfect cleaning of the phone can install Clean Master, one of the best apps of the moment, of which a version is available on the Google Play Store updated in May 2019, with a size of only 20 MB. This free app allows you to delete unnecessary files, including data in the history, notifications and content that takes up space in the cache memory, reducing the speed of the smartphone.

To clean your phone you only need to open the app, scan and choose which files to remove, or delete the apps that you no longer need. However, Clean Master offers many other features, including optimizing your Android device while playing games, controlling the CPU temperature and protecting your privacy, via the AppLock system that blocks intruders. In addition, the app also works as a free antivirus, stopping trojans, malware and other viruses.

Cleaning Android smartphone with System App Remover

Equally efficient for cleaning Android for free is System App Remover, a program that requires root in the phone, a permission that allows access to the device's deep settings. The app is developed by Jumobile, which makes available on the Google Play Store an updated April 2019 version weighing just 3.1 MB. With this free little software, compatible with all Android versions from 5.0 onwards, you can uninstall any app, manage apps in memory and delete unwanted files.

On the Google store there is also a paid premium version, System App Remover Pro, which can be downloaded for a fee of €1.70. In this case you don't need root permissions, so you just need to install this Android cleaning app and activate it, performing memory scans, detecting unnecessary and too heavy files, uninstalling older apps and clearing the device's cache, ensuring a reliable, fast and functional terminal at all times.

More space on your Android smartphone with All-In-One Toolbox

A comprehensive application for cleaning up Android is All-In-One Toolbox, a program with a size of only 9.5 MB, capable of freeing up space in the phone's memory, managing installed apps and monitoring the smartphone's CPU. In particular, with this app you can clear your cache by deleting unnecessary files, identify large documents that slow down your device by scanning them, and easily remove unwanted apps with the built-in All-In-One-Toolbox system.

The app also allows you to analyze Wi-Fi connections, ensuring optimal and risk-free browsing at all times, analyze temperature and CPU performance, save battery life and compress photos to decrease the space occupied in your phone's memory. The application is completely free, despite the presence of advertisements, so just download it from Google Play Store and install it inside your Android device, to keep it clean and efficient for a long time.