Best antivirus 2017, the experts’ opinion

According to AV-Test, the best antivirus is Internet Security from Russian company Kaspersky Lab. It is followed by Symantec's Norton and Trend Micro Internet Security

Now more than ever, it is crucial to protect yourself against hackers, especially considering the constant growth of cyber attacks. Antivirus is the main tool to defend your devices, although sometimes it is really difficult to choose the right one. Which one is the best?

Companies in particular, which are the preferred target of cyber criminals because of the large amount of confidential information they keep, should ask themselves this question. Relying on an antivirus program that is not sufficiently capable of detecting and blocking the many threats that infest the network is extremely dangerous. Even individual users must know how to find the most suitable program to protect their computers or other networked devices. A choice that sometimes becomes difficult, given the exorbitant number of antivirus programs available. You could resort to the survey of AV-TEST, a German company specialized in computer security research.

The test

The Institute uses three parameters to evaluate antivirus: protection, performance and usability. To each category, AV-TEST assigns a maximum score of 6 points. The German company refined the study from January to June 2017.

Kaspersky the best antivirus

According to the tests, the antivirus that excelled in all three sections was Kaspersky Lab's. Internet Security scored a total of 18 points.

The second best paid antivirus was Norton Security from Symantec and Internet Security from Trend Micro. The antiviruses scored 6 in protection, 6 in performance and 5.8 in usability.

As for free antivirus, the best is Free Antivirus by Avast, which earned 16.5 points in the 6-month test, distributed as follows: 6 in protection, 4.7 in performance and 5.8 in usability.

Let's move on to Microsoft. Windows Defender Antivirus occupies one of the last positions in the ranking, reaching, according to the German company's test, 15.5 points: 5.2 in protection, 4.8 in performance and 5.5 in usability. Internet Security Premium from Comodo closes with a score of 13.6 points.