Best free apps for working out

In this article you will find a selection of the best fitness apps that you can download for free from the Android or iOS stores on your smartphone.

This past year has radically changed our habits and, let's face it, our fitness. Travel restrictions have pushed many of us to take better care of our bodies and find new ways, especially individual ones (the only ones allowed for more than a year), to keep fit, set goals for improvement, spur each other on to get healthy. With the new technologies and the possibility to bring your whole world, your passions and interests inside your smartphone, you can't miss the fitness apps, great for working out at home or outdoors in total autonomy, especially when they are completely free. Let's find out together the best free fitness apps that can be downloaded from the best iOS and Android stores.

Nike Training Club

This world-famous app as it was created by the immortal sportswear brand offers various workout options to choose from. This is one of the best apps that you can download for free to do complete workouts tailored to your needs. The app allows you to tailor your workout sessions to the type of space you're in, the time you have available, whether you're equipped with equipment or relying solely on your free body.

Adidas Running

The app developed by Adidas, another sports brand of global importance, has recently acquired the famous running app Runtastic, already popular among runners around the world. It allows you to create personalized workouts based on your training goals and the parameters you decide to work on. The social side of the app lets you challenge your friends and share your results with them.


This app lets you not only work out but also focus on your weight and nutrition. Once you set your goal and body parameters, the app develops a workout plan with free body workouts of about 15-20 minutes each and a personalized diet, which is the added value of this app. The advice on proper nutrition in the app is very useful, but since it's a major change to your normal diet, it's recommended that you consult your nutritionist at the same time.

Daily Workout

This app is also completely free and offers daily exercises and workout programs, ideal for beginners and non-beginners, lasting between 5 and 30 minutes. Video demonstrations by certified personal trainers guide you through the exercises, which are divided into short, targeted exercises (5-10 min) and random full-body exercises (10-30 min), all of which can be downloaded and are also available offline.

30 Day Fitness

Appreciated and used worldwide, the app challenges users to get in shape in a month, giving them the ability to customize and choose from over 420 different workouts with video demonstrations. Available in English only, but again completely free;


The free version of this app, among the most downloaded in recent months, offers users about short, targeted workouts designed to get quick results. You can choose from 22 free body workouts, 27 targeted exercises, 20 audio sessions with step-by-step descriptions of the exercises and 5 exercises for muscle warm-up and fatigue.

7 Min Workout

On this app users can choose from various high-intensity workouts based on the HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) method, each of which can be done, as promised by the app's name, in just 7 minutes. The method, as shown by recent scientific studies, would allow you to lose weight and improve cardiovascular capacity;

Keelo. Strength HIIT Workouts

The ideal app for all crossfit lovers, it offers several fast, high-intensity workouts depending on your level of training and the equipment you have at your disposal. Each session is described in detail via interactive videos;

Exercises at home

Without equipment. The app is completely free and, as the name already makes clear, offers several daily workout programs with free-body exercises prepared by certified personal trainers;

MyFitness Pal

In addition to offering the possibility to schedule your workouts with ease thanks to a virtual diary, this app also allows you to keep track of your diet and calories burned during the day, even giving you the possibility to scan the barcode of the food you consume and subsequently modify your diet;

Virtuagym Fitness

In the app there is a database with as many as 4,000 exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. A virtual trainer will guide you through each one.