Best free software to record pc screen

Are you a gamer or planning to make tutorials from your PC? Here's a list of free screen recording programs that will help you

We're into video games, or we want to make tutorials showing what we do with the computer, or more simply we want to show a friend how to download an app or use a program. How to do it? Simple, just use one of the many free software to record the screen.

The software to record what happens on the screen are programs that in recent years are getting a great success. This is mainly due to the rise of online video games and e-sports. The simplest software only captures what happens on the screen and saves it in AVI format, while the most advanced free programs also offer editing, overlaying of multiple images, live streaming and optimization for video games. Choosing is not easy. Not least because many of these services only allow you to record a couple of videos before charging a fee or subscription. It is therefore essential to choose the right software.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the most recommended screen capture software for gamers. Also because it is an open-source program and therefore completely free. OBS Studio supports both live streaming and high definition playback. Videos can be shared on Twitch or YouTube and most importantly they can be saved locally for editing and reviewing. OBS Studio also offers a special keyboard for managing live footage. It has several settings that need to be customized according to our needs, so it is recommended for those who have a minimum of knowledge about it.

FlashBack Express

This is the free version of a paid program. Fortunately, it doesn't use filters on videos and doesn't set time limits for shooting. It is more intuitive to use than OBS Studio. With FlashBack you can record the whole screen or just a section. And when you're done recording, you can edit the video or upload it to YouTube. In case of long recordings you can also subdivide them with names and sections. Besides, the paid version has a long list of functions that will let you carry out professional work on the video. An aspect that will appeal to those who are experienced and aim at making high-quality video game streams. In the free version, the only format for saving is WMV.


Ezvid is a program that should be considered as a free multifunctional video recorder. It can also capture games but only when launched in window mode and not in full screen. It also has a very easy to use editing system. It is partly reminiscent of Windows Movie Maker. Ezvid also has some very fun features. For example, it allows you to record audio from a microphone to which you can apply filters to edit the voice. It has a time limit of 45 minutes. It is perhaps the best solution for those who want to start making tutorials but are not very familiar with this software. Ezvid has the major flaw of not saving videos locally. These movies can only be shared on YouTube.


This is the solution for those who want to shoot their own screen or webcam images. It is not functional for gamers. It is super easy to use, just click the start button and the recording starts. The time limit is five minutes per shot. It's good enough, then, for those doing short reviews or tutorials for YouTube. There is also a cloud storage service that is 2GB. The editing and customization tools are very poor.