Best Karaoke Apps

Want to have a karaoke party with friends? Check out the best Karaoke apps for iPhone and Android. You can use them at home or remotely. Here's what they are

The appetizer is there, the friends too, only one thing is missing to make the evening perfect: a Karaoke app. There are a number of apps that not only provide backing tracks and lyrics, but also allow you to record the audio and share it with your friends.

The apps can be used on smartphones and tablets to have fun with friends, spending the evening with music, laughter and fun. Some of them even allow you to do Karaoke at home and remotely: just start a video call, a shared music base and you're done. Most of the software works on both Android and iOS systems, for example you can easily do karaoke on an iPhone. There are so many alternatives on the net. Here is a selection of the best Karaoke apps to download from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Smule: the remote Karaoke app

The first really interesting app is called Smule and allows you to sing in pairs within the same room or with other people scattered around the world. You can duet on the most beautiful songs by Ed Sheeran, Luis Fonsi and many others. The app, in fact, after starting the video call, starts the base music and shows the lyrics of the song at the top of the display. You can even use effects that you can apply to your voice while singing, or you can sing a cappella or choral songs.

Yokee: Italian Song Karaoke

We couldn't fail to mention Yokee, also known as Italian Song Karaoke, which is definitely the most popular Karaoke app for iPhone and Android, because it can be downloaded for free without sacrificing many fun and engaging features. In its catalog you can find many songs to sing and share with a large community. One of the most interesting features is that the app, after asking the user's age, offers the most suitable user experience. In addition, you can find out about other users' performances by pressing the Feed button at the bottom of the screen.

SingPlay: turn your MP3s into backing tracks

The last app worth mentioning is SingPlay, which lets you convert a song stored on your smartphone or tablet into a Karaoke track. Everything is done in a matter of minutes. Of course, the quality is not affected and that's why it's widely used by those who produce music and want to practice singing their own songs.  Recordings can also be shared with your contacts.