Best loyalty card apps

Having your loyalty cards always at hand, even without keeping them in your wallet, is convenient with card apps.

Do you want to have your loyalty cards always at hand? Today we present you the guide to the best loyalty card apps to have them easily available when you need them. This way you can eliminate all the cards from the stores and supermarkets you frequent from your wallet and have a single app to manage them. Find out with us which apps are the easiest and most practical to use. Here are the best loyalty card apps.

Loyalty cards in order with Stocard

Stocard is one of the most intuitive apps to use. To add your loyalty cards to the app, you simply frame with your smartphone camera and scan the barcode found on the cards. The app allows you to sort your cards by name and how often you use them. Its use is simple: once you're at the store checkout, you have to show the card on the screen of your phone and the cashier will scan or manually type in the code. Stocard is available for Android and iOS devices.

FidMe: the app for loyalty cards

FidMe is one of the first apps dedicated to loyalty cards. Its graphic interface is truly original, because it takes the image of a wallet, which the user can also customize, choosing the style and colors. Some consider it less intuitive than Stocard.

CardPlus loyalty card app

Another app for havingCardPlus loyalty cards conveniently on your smartphone is . It's very similar to Stocard, and cards are always registered by scanning the barcode with your phone's camera or entering it manually. This app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Cards-Mobile Wallet: app for cards

Cards-Mobile Wallet is more complex than the ones we've seen so far. In fact, in addition to being an app for supermarket cards, it's a virtual wallet where you can also store your payment cards, public transport pass and health card.

The Quick Card feature then allows the user to keep favorite cards highlighted, enter a lock with PIN or via fingerprint and through geolocation you can find offers from nearby stores. How are you doing with languages? We ask because at the moment the app is only available in English.

Loyalty Cards: loyalty card app

This loyalty card app differs from others because it offers the possibility to share cards via WhatsApp. The Loyalty Cards app is only available for Android.

You can save supermarket cards not only through the apps we presented above, but also through mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Samsung and Google already have this feature built in, while for Apple you have to use the Apple Wallet. For these devices you just need to use your phone's camera to register your cards. All you have to do is use your preferred service or app to get all your loyalty cards on your smartphone.