Best sites to sell online

It happens to find ourselves inside the house flooded with items that we do not use, that maybe we do not like much and we regret to throw away. Or even just for the sake of changing something in the house, you decide it's time to do some cleaning and tidying up. Your solution could be to sell online managing to earn a little something.

On the net there are many sites, some simpler and more intuitive to use, others a bit more complex, but all useful for the sale of goods and services online. Among the sellers you can find individuals, companies, small traders and craftsmen. With this article we will help you to find out which are the best sites to sell online. is one of the best existing sites to publish ads for sale and search products and allows you to do so for free. In fact, you can use this site without paying any commission on the sale of the product. The dark side of the coin unfortunately is that since it has a very good reputation, is full of new ads every day and yours won't be among the most recent and therefore most visible ads for a long time. One option would be to pay a small fee to highlight your ad, making it more visible for longer. This option is optional, in fact the site does not force you to pay to highlight your ads. Registration is not compulsory either, but it is strongly recommended in order to better manage your ads.

Enter the official website of and click on "Register" to start creating your account. You'll have to enter the data that will be requested: email address, password, date of birth and gender. You will have to accept the terms relating to personal data and that refer to the use of the service to continue. To confirm your registration click on "Confirm" and a link will be sent to your email address. Click on this link to confirm the registration of your account. The registration process is complete, you can now place your first ad by clicking on "Place Ad".

A screen will open where you must first enter the category of your product, choosing from the options in a drop-down menu. The next step will allow you to specify whether you want to sell an object or you are looking for something to buy. On you will have the opportunity to make ads even if you are looking for a particular object, a house for rent or a service. For this option you will have to click on "Wanted", instead to sell you will have to choose the voice "Selling".

In case of online selling it is always advisable to insert some photos of the product, which can be a maximum of 6.

This option is also optional, but it will be able to make your possible buyer understand what the good is and its real conditions. Insert also the title of your ad and a short description. At this point you must indicate whether you are a private individual or a company and write all the required data, some mandatory, others optional. Accept the terms of service in order to publish your ad with a tick and click on "Continue".

Now your ad must be approved and then it will be published within the category indicated. Usually the waiting time is very minimal. Like most of the sites that allow you to sell online, has its own application that can be downloaded for free from mobile devices with both iOS and Android operating systems.


Another well-known site for selling online is definitely Kijiji. Its owner is the same as eBay, the historic web portal dedicated to the sale of products. The platform of Kijiji works very similar to that of, so it is very simple and like the previous one can be used for free. The first thing to do is connect to the official website. At the top right you will find the button "Insert" to start writing your ad.

A new screen will appear with a form to fill out and you must fill in all the required fields. Some information is mandatory, others are optional. You must then indicate the "Category" of your product from a drop-down menu that will give you several options to choose from, and also indicate the subcategory and location where you are going to sell your good or service. You can choose the location from the "Municipality" drop-down menu. Like, Kijiji allows you to both make a sale and a search. So choose whether to check "Offering" or "Looking for".

Another option to choose from will be between "For Sale" or "For Gift" depending on what you want to do. Always include the title and description and remember to indicate the price in case you are selling. Also on this platform it is always better to upload photographs of the product that can be a maximum of 5. Those who are interested in buying your product will be able to contact you through the personal contacts you will have inserted in the ad. If you have completed all the fields, you can publish your ad by clicking on the blue button "Publish your ad" that you will find below.

The staff of Kijiji will evaluate your ad before publishing it in the category indicated by you and if it is suitable it will be published in a few minutes. Kijiji also provides a free application that can be downloaded for iOS or Android.


Amazon is the world's most important showcase for selling online, in fact, anyone who wants to sell something online the first site that will surely think of Amazon. On Amazon you can find any kind of seller: from big companies to artisans, from medium-sized companies to individuals. This is because it is now known that it is much easier to open an online store and then if you do it on Amazon you will have a guaranteed gain.

Other sites to sell online

These we have described are the most famous and most used sites that you will find when you do your research to sell goods or services online. But as you can imagine there are many others.


A very special site that you can't miss if you are a creative, an artist or a craftsman and produce handmade items is Etsy. On this site you can sell only and exclusively handmade products. For the sale of each product, the Etsy platform retains a commission that corresponds to 3.5% of the selling price. If you want to open your online store on Etsy, you must first go to the official website and click on the button "Sell on Etsy".

As the next step you must click on "Open your store on Etsy" and now you can register and create your account. For registration you can use your Facebook or Google account, thus skipping the whole step of entering your data. This site is dedicated to all those who love DIY, who are creative people and do not have the opportunity to let everyone know their products. Etsy also has its own app that can be downloaded for free, on devices with iOS or Android operating systems.


Another famous site is definitely Bakeca that allows you, like the others we mentioned before, to sell goods and services online by creating ads for free. Registration in this platform is not mandatory. In fact, entering the main screen you can simply click on "+" place your first ad for sale. Also here you will need to enter a title and an accurate description of the good or service offered.


A site to keep an eye on for selling online is Shpock. Its main feature is to allow you to write ads and respond to the same ads for selling or buying used products. Its interface is really particular, it differs from all other sites and is very recognizable because it is a kind of online marketplace. To post an ad on Shpock you must first enter its official website. In the main screen you have to click on "Sell". For the registration you can enter the data that you will be asked or use your Facebook or Google account to speed up the process.

Now you can start writing your ad by filling out the form that will be proposed. In order to have your product found quickly, you will have to indicate precisely the category to which it belongs. It is also important to include the location where you choose to sell your product. Shpock in addition to the official website, also has its own application that you can download both for iOS and Android for free.