Bezos wants to save the Earth: staggering amount to stop climate change

Bezos Earth Fund, so the founder of Amazon intends to save the Earth. The goals of the former Amazon CEO's billion-dollar donation.

Between a space tourist trip and an attack on Elon Musk (who meanwhile has won the contract to bring the rover that will search for traces of water to the moon), Jeff Bezos, founder and former Amazon CEO who now rides his space hobbies, certainly doesn't intend to neglect the Earth.

If we have forgotten even for a moment, it is good to remember that the projections of the latest climate report paint a catastrophic scenario for the coming years, in front of which each of us is called to do our part according to our possibilities.

That, in the case of Bezos, means a lot of money.

What Bezos plans to do to protect nature and the Earth

A year and a half ago, the logistics mogul announced the Bezos Earth Fund, with the aim of "exploring new ways to combat the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share." After laying out the investment plans for the next 10 years, Bezos also more recently disclosed where the first $1 billion will go. So the investment target is the Tropical Andes, in the Congo Basin, and the Pacific Ocean.

"Nature is our life support system and it's fragile. I was reminded of that just this July when I went into space with Blue Origin," Bezos said. "I had heard that seeing Earth from space changes the view of the world. But I wasn't prepared for how true that would be."

In short, it seems that the very brief but intense trip into space turned out to be a cathartic moment for the super billionaire.

What are the goals of Bezos' billion-dollar donation

With the 10-year Bezos Earth Fund program and the billion-dollar investment, the Amazon founder then intends to protect some biodiversity hotspots around the planet and 30 percent of Earth's oceans.

Some, however, have noted how the behavior of the former helmsman of one of the most powerful Big Techs ever turns out to be, upon just a little bit of in-depth analysis, contradictory: in Amazon's last three years with Bezos at the helm, the company's carbon dioxide emissions, on an annual basis, have grown to almost 61 million tons.

Giuseppe Giordano