Bike bonus, goodbye to the app: here’s how to request the money

To request the 500 euro bike bonus 2020 the Ministry of Environment is preparing an online form where you can enter the necessary documents. Here's how it works

The 2020 Bike Bonus has been awaited for many months now (the DL Relaunch was presented in mid-May) and now it finally seems that the process for requesting refunds is finally ready. As reported by the website Open, which obtained information from sources within the Ministry of Environment, the way to get the money would have changed in recent weeks. Until recently, it was practically certain that an app would be launched where users could upload their details along with their invoice or talking receipt.

Now that will no longer be the case. The Ministry of the Environment seems to have abandoned the idea of the app and very simply users will have to fill out an online form, uploading the invoice and entering the data of their IBAN code. Within 10-15 days the amount will be debited from the person's bank account. A system that is certainly faster and more immediate than the app, but that will have to withstand the enormous amount of requests that may arrive in the first hours when it goes online. The servers might not hold up and the platform might go down. The 2020 bike bonus can be requested from September, although at the moment the exact day is still unknown.

How to request the 2020 Bike Bonus on the Ministry of the Environment's website

Instead of the app, an ad hoc section dedicated to the 2020 Bike Bonus will be created on the Ministry of the Environment's website. Citizens will be able to connect to the site, fill out the form, upload the necessary documents and enter the IBAN code. The reimbursement will be made within 10-15 days of the submission of the application.

The Ministry of Environment has also prepared a countdown with the money still available to apply for reimbursement. The funds amount to 210 million euros and according to estimates made should not be enough for everyone. Citizens will be able to continue to apply for reimbursement even if the money has run out: new funds are expected with the new budget law.

What documents are needed for the 2020 Mobility Bonus

To get the reimbursement it is necessary to upload some documents attesting the purchase of one of the sustainable means compatible with the bonus.

Citizens must upload the invoice of the purchase or the talking receipt and enter the IBAN code of the bank account where the reimbursement will be credited.

When will the platform of the Ministry of the Environment be available

According to what is reported by the online site Open, the online form on the website of the Ministry of the Environment will be available from September. In these days the Bonus bici should be published in the Official Gazette and then the Government has 60 days to make the online platform operative. Most likely it will only take a few weeks after publication in the Official Gazette to apply for a refund.