Bills at 28 days, how to request a refund with Adiconsum

Adiconsum helps users who have problems in requesting a refund for 28-day billing: here's what to do

A few months ago, in July 2019, the Council of State put a stop to an affair that lasted a good two years and was becoming embarrassing: we are talking about the famous refund for 28-day billing of telephone operators.

The Council of State has been clear: telephone companies had no right to impose a four-week billing and must refund consumers. But that's not all: the refund must be automatic and cannot be replaced by the provision of an additional free service. This is all on paper, because operators responded by publishing forms and web pages to get the refund, instead of crediting it automatically to the user. Despite the fact that it has been reiterated several times that the refund should be automatic, still no user has received anything without asking first.

Refund of 28-day bills through Adiconsum

The association for the protection of consumer rights Adiconsum has decided, for this reason, to meet those who are entitled to a refund. On the website of the association you can fill out a form through which you give the mandate to Adiconsum to request on our behalf the refund. It is necessary to enter your personal data, tax code, e-mail address and an identity document. It is then necessary to specify from which operator you wish to request a refund and to declare that you have not already requested a refund in another way and that you have not requested an additional service as compensation. After receiving the completed form, Adiconsum will send it on the 15th or 30th of the month to the various Tim, Vodafone, Wind Tre or Fastweb in order to obtain the reimbursement due and then turn it over to the user.  The same delegation can also be made by going to the territorial offices of Adiconsum, bringing with you a valid document.

Reimbursement of 28-day bills through the sites of operators

Those who do not want to give their personal data to Adiconsum can always opt for the request in person, to be forwarded to their operator using the form published on the site of the operator itself. At the moment, only Vodafone and Fastweb have published the forms and the procedure is even simpler than the one proposed by Adiconsum.

Tim has announced that users can ask for a refund by calling the landline customer service 187 and that from November 2019 a form will be available in their MyTim personal area. Those who do not want to waste time, however, can ask Adiconsum for help.