Bios Urn, the smart pot to grow trees at home

Thanks to this particular smart pot, equipped with sensors for plant growth, it will be much easier to have saplings even inside the house

Having plants in the house, especially if you want to grow a small sapling, is no small feat. You have to be careful about humidity and sunlight. Not to mention many other small factors that can compromise the life of the plant. Fortunately, however, there are technological solutions such as Bios Urn.

This is an intelligent pot, which given the large size allows you to grow even saplings inside the apartments. To embellish our home in this way, all we have to do is insert the casing containing the plant of our choice inside the Bios Urn pot. The device will take care of the rest. What is the secret of this vase? Simple, a small sensor inserted at ground level that is used to monitor the amount of light received by the plant, its water needs and the dangers that the surrounding environment could cause. In addition, the casing that contains the tree is made from biodegradable material with chemicals that help the plant's development.

The smart pot

The sensor will also tell us the exact amount of water to give the tree to avoid putting too much or too little. It will also be possible to put the water in a reservoir and then the sensor will automatically water the plant if necessary. Obviously the Bios Urn pot can be managed through a special application for smartphones. This will show us the daily and monthly progress of our plant and recommend the exact location where to put it in a room. The smart pot recharges thanks to a small USB port on the bottom. Bios Urn has a cost of $450, about 380 euros.