Black Friday 2020 is near and it’s time to get ready for the discounts

How to get ready for Black Friday 2020: gaming and more

After Prime Day 2020, it's already time to look forward to the next savings opportunities: Black Friday is coming, which this year will be held on Friday, November 27. Like every year, this time will be the opportunity to make tech purchases at very discounted prices and to bring home something we need or, simply take away some fancy.

Black Friday 2020, however, will be a little different because of the pandemic, which caused the delayed launch of some products, such as the iPhone 12, and also because of the arrival on the market of the two next gen consoles: Microsoft Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. But, for sure, during Black Friday Italians will also buy much more, especially small and large household appliances for home and entertainment, from robot vacuum cleaners to cyclonic vacuum cleaners, passing through smart TVs, smartphones and smartwatches, without forgetting this year's must-have: the electric scooter that, case in point, from early November onwards can be purchased with much less thought by taking advantage of the Government's Mobility Bonus 2020.

Black Friday: which categories to keep an eye on

Black Friday is a period of discounts, so it will be useful to buy expensive products that we normally cannot or do not want to buy at full price. Following this basic logic, therefore, it is good to keep an eye on large appliances, even better if smart, and top of the range cell phones. All products that cost over 500 euros, in short.

But the opposite is also true: during the Black Friday discounts also products that are already cheap, but not enough to convince us to buy them, become interesting. Products that are not essential, for sure, but that can certainly come in handy like fitness bands, fast chargers for smartphones, covers and cases of various types, smart speakers for the smart home. In this case we are talking about products averaging under 100 euros, even under 50 in some cases, which can reach bargain prices during Black Friday. And, at this point, why not buy them?

How to prepare for Black Friday 2020

At this point it is clear: during Black Friday we can get great deals both in the high price range and in the low price range. But how to choose the products to buy? Or, in other words, how to prepare for Black Friday?

For the high price range, the advice is to assess your needs, especially when it comes to large appliances. Sooner or later we all have to change the fridge, the washing machine or the oven, why not take advantage of the opportunity of Black Friday to buy a smart appliance at a discount, to be connected to our smart speaker and controlled via our favorite digital assistant?

For the low price range, however, the reasoning is different: here we can make several purchases at a discounted price in view of Christmas. Technological gadgets are always among the most appreciated Christmas gifts (now not only by the very young) and buying them in advance is the winning move.

Black Friday 2020: the gaming issue

Finally, let's go back to the beginning of the speech: we can't deny that this year Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X|S are the object of desire of thousands of Italians. With maximum prices of 499 euros (for both) these devices are positioned exactly in the middle of the two product ranges just described.

The Black Friday will be an opportunity not only to look for discounts on next gen consoles, but also on accessories and dozens of games in physical format that, they too, are an ideal Christmas gift for technology lovers.