Black Friday 2021, everything you need to know

As per tradition, now also established in Italy, at the end of November comes the inevitable appointment with Black Friday 2021. Starting from November 26th, a long weekend of exceptional discounts dedicated to the pre-Christmas shopping will start on any category of products, both in the big chains and in the physical stores as well as in the online stores.

But the discounts will not last only three days: a real Black Week of offers and bargains is waiting for us, ending on November 29th with Cyber Monday, a discount event entirely dedicated to hi tech products such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, small and large appliances. From fashion and personal care, to furniture, airline tickets and of course electronics, in all product categories you can find offers and discounts, looking in the right store. So here's a guide to find out what they are, when they arrive and how to save with Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 and when it's best to buy now, or wait for the right discount.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, or "black Friday", is a tradition that originated in America: it was first launched in the 1980s in the United States, as a 24-hour event in which to kick off pre-Christmas shopping with special offers and discounts. The basic idea, in fact, is to buy discounted products a month before the Christmas holidays, in order to save money but, at the same time, buy the most desired Christmas gifts.

In the last ten years, the traditional Friday of discounts has arrived in other countries around the world and especially in Italy, where it has become an appointment not to be missed for their purchases. In the same period, then, Black Friday has become more and more digital thanks to the boom of e-commerce and was born Cyber Monday, the Monday following Black Friday, which is dedicated in particular to discounts on electronic products.

Shops, both physical and online, launch exclusive offers often while stocks last. The advice is to make a list of the products you want for yourself or to give to family and friends and then dedicate yourself to the hunt for the best offer. This way you can save more money during Black Friday.

When is Black Friday 2021? The official dates

Black Friday traditionally coincides with the last Friday in November, right after the US holiday of Thanksgiving. In 2021, the discount and shopping event therefore falls on Friday, November 26. As a result, Cyber Monday 2021 is Monday, November 29.

But Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now just two days in a much longer discount period, with Amazon first, and other physical and online stores later, embracing the "Black Week" tradition. The discounts, therefore, begin well before Black Friday and each store has a precise calendar.

What to buy during Black Friday

During Black Friday you can find deals on just about everything: clothes, shoes, furniture and products for the home and kitchen and even on many services, online and off.

But it is in electronics that you can find the best bargains, with small and large appliances, smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, home automation items and smart home on offer. Among the offers for Black Friday 2021 there are also those dedicated to gamers: video games, consoles, gaming accessories such as headphones, mice or keyboards and even hardware components for high-performance PCs.

Where to find discounts and offers during Black Friday

Discounts and offers during Black Friday can be found in any store, physical and online, with prices reduced even more than 60%. The purchases that offer the greatest savings are definitely related to small and large appliances, as well as smartphones and hi-tech products. Discounts can be found in large chains such as Mediaworld, Euronics and Unieuro, which also have online stores, but especially on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and ePrice.

In addition to electronics, there are also offers and discounts in large clothing chains such as H&M, Zara and Mango, in the stores of La Rinascente and e-commerce dedicated to fashion as Yoox and Zalando. In addition, there are many Telegram groups that report discount codes and offers to keep an eye on in order to get a good deal.

Amazon Black Friday

Amazon s Black Friday is now a tradition within tradition. Outside of the United States, where Black Friday was born before Amazon, it is safe to say that Black Friday is equivalent to Amazon.

The goal of the e-commerce giant is to enable online shopping and offer an opportunity to save money, as well as the possibility to finish Christmas gifts at leisure. For this reason, most of the products that will be purchased until December 31, 2021 will be able to make the return until January 31, 2021, instead of the usual 30 days after receiving the order.

After all, Amazon offers plenty of opportunities for savings, not only during shopping events such as Prime Day or Black Friday. Discount codes, coupons, deals of the day and lightning deals are available to users, especially those who subscribe to the Amazon Prime service.

Subscribers can then access exclusive discounts any time of the year and use Prime for free for the first 30-day trial, discovering a wide range of benefits that cover not only unlimited one-day deliveries and deals, but also entertainment services such as Prime Video, Prime Gaming and Amazon Music.

Subscribe now to Amazon Prime to take advantage of Black Friday 2021 discounts

Euronics Black Friday

The electronics store chain Euronics dedicates an exclusive flyer every year to Black Friday, with offers and promotions on a wide range of products including small and large appliances, televisions, toys, video games, consoles, as well as computers, smartphones and tablets.

Purchases can be made in-store or from the comfort of your home from the online store, with paid home delivery or free in-store pickup.

Mediaworld Black Friday

Also Mediaworld every year offers a flyer full of deals to celebrate Black Friday and will not be outdone in 2020. Usually, the store chain focuses on quality, with discounts on several mid-range Android devices, but also on Apple products, such as MacBooks, as well as 4K smart TVs and consoles.

Also in this case, the discounts are identical in case of both online and in-store purchase and delivery is paid, or free in case of in-store pickup.

Unieuro Black Friday

Unieuro in recent years has dedicated to Black Friday well over a week, often anticipating the discounts already from the previous days with the VAT cut of 22% directly in the cart for the online store. In the past few years, the offers have included Apple iPhones, various mid-range and high-end Android smartphones and 4K smart TVs from the best brands.

Like the other major electronics chains in Italy, Unieuro also provides delivery against payment or free pickup in store.

Not only Black Friday: when is Cyber Monday

The Black Friday event ends with an entire Monday dedicated to the world of hi tech, which is called Cyber Monday. This is the second most anticipated event for pre-Christmas shopping in which to make great purchases especially with regard to smartphones, computers, tablets and all the most coveted electronic products.

Not everyone knows that to bring the Cyber Monday in Italy was Amazon, followed by major chain stores such as Mediaworld, Euronics and Unieuro that joined you over the years. For 2021, the date to bring do a real bargain is set for Monday, November 29.

Since in recent years purchases of electronic products have become an increasingly large part of the total purchases of Italians, Cyber Monday 2021 is by many even more awaited than Black Friday 2021.

Not only Black Friday: what is Black Week

In recent years, Black Friday has become just one of many days during which you can find unmissable offers on thousands and thousands of products. Deals that, in practice, already start several days before Black Friday (and sometimes even end several days after Cyber Monday).

That's why we talk about Black Week, that is, the shopping week that is characterized by bigger and bigger discounts for the same products, as their availability decreases. This, for those who want to make a real bargain, complicates things a bit: buy now with the minimum discount, to be sure to find the product you are looking for, or wait for a bigger discount but risk that the product runs out?

The question, on the occasion of Black Week 2021, is not at all to be underestimated if our goal is to make the most of the offers on electronics: due to the crisis of chips, in fact, this year the availability of the top products is much more limited than usual.

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