Black Friday, instructions for use

Black Friday is the ideal day to shop online and launch headlong into shopping in search of discounts that can reach up to 50-70%. Beware, however, not to reduce you to the last minute, because to shop online you need to be prepared and it is good to follow some golden rules.

Beware of offers

Discounts will be many. The risk is to find yourself wandering madly without a precise criterion. Nothing more wrong. A good strategy is everything in these cases: make yourself a list of items you want to buy, dividing them by product category and identifying before "Black Friday" the e-commerce sites that are right for you. The main online stores anticipate the offers so don't wait until the last minute to get an idea of the deals.

The extraordinary discounts start on Monday, November 20 and continue until Monday, November 27, the so-called "Cyber Monday". In questa settimana di tempo ci si può muovere in anticipo.

Ecco alcuni esempi di offerte da cogliere al volo su Amazon:

E-reader Kindle Paperwhite – 99,99 euro – risparmi 30,00 euro

HP Pavilion 15-cc507nl Notebook – 719,99 euro – risparmi 180,00 euro

Acer Aspire A315-21-92DT Notebook – 383,20 euro – risparmi 195,80 euro

Samsung UE40MU6470U Smart TV – 489,99 euro – risparmi 259,01 euro

Samsung Serie MU6470 Smart TV – 579,99 euro – risparmi 319,01 euro

Su eBay trovi:

LG 55UJ634V Tv Led – 539,00 euro – risparmi 260, 00 euro

Huawei P10 LITE 32GB – 199,00 euro – risparmi 150,00 euro

TV LED Samsung Smart UE65KS7500 SUHD – 1599,00 euro – risparmi 1200,00 euro

Asus X556UR-XO524T i5-7200U Notebook – 499,00 euro – risparmi 170,00 euro

Approfitta degli sconti anche su ePrice:

Samsung Lavatrice WW80K4430YW 8 – 379,99 euro – risparmi 411,65 euro

Samsung Frigorifero Americano Side By Side RS57K4000SA/EF – 699,99 euro – risparmi 890,89

Samsung TV LED Ultra HD 4K 40" UE40MU6120 – 459,99 euro – risparmi 90,00 euro

SAMSUNG TV QLED Ultra HD 4K – 1349,99 euro – risparmi 350,00 euro

E di quelli su Unieuro:

Huawei P8 Lite 2017  – 199,90 euro – risparmi 50,00 euro

Honor 8 32GB – 279,90  euro– risparmi 79,10 euro

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 – 949,99 euro – risparmi 350, 00 euro

Samsung Tv UE55KS7000U – 799,00 euro – risparmi 700,00 euro

Mentre su Monclick:

Notebook Acer TravelMate P259 – 394,90 euro – risparmi 230,00 euro

Table Apple – IPAD PRO 9.7 – 729,90 euro – risparmi 270 euro

Lettore Blu Ray Samsung – UBD-K8500 – 199,00 euro – risparmi 300 euro

Smartwatch Huawei – 79,00 euro – risparmi 20,00 euro

Calma e sangue freddo

Può essere che, attirati da sconti vantaggiosi, vi venga l’istinto di cliccare impulsivamente il tasto “acquisto" per paura di perdere l’occasione. Sbagliato: prendetevi qualche minuto e leggete con attenzione le condizioni di vendita che il sito deve obbligatoriamente esplicitare in una sezione ad hoc.

Prima di procedere all’acquisto, verificate che il prodotto possa essere cambiato in caso – una volta ricevuto – non risultasse di vostro gradimento. Oppure se il negozio propone di rilasciare dei buoni acquisto.

Per non trovarvi impreparati al momento di convalidare gli ordini, ricordatevi di controllare i metodi di pagamento maggiormente accettati. It is better to use a prepaid credit card or to check beforehand that all sites accept PayPal.

Security first

Avoid shopping through sites that you do not know, prefer e-commerce portals that are better known and that you have already experienced. Make sure you have a good antivirus program on your computer and that you have done the necessary updates and remember that it is always better to use your home Wi-Fi to do online shopping: a public connection does not guarantee maximum security.

It is also better to avoid using your credit card on public computers or shared computers such as Internet cafes.

If you make a purchase, check with your online bank that the correct amount has been withdrawn from your credit card statement.

Be wary of emails promising stellar discounts, and if they do exist, check the store's website: do not open any links that arrive in your inbox.


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