Black Friday offer of Ho.Mobile: who can activate it

Ho.Mobile has made a very advantageous offer reserved only for users coming from a virtual operator, here's what it provides and how to activate it

Ho.Mobile takes advantage of Black Friday 2018 to return to the attack of Iliad and the other virtual operators operating in Italy. The mobile operator managed by Vodafone proposes a new offer with 50 GB of data traffic per month, minutes for calls and unlimited SMS for 5.99 euros per month.

The offer can be activated in authorized points of sale and in the official reseller newsstands of Ho.Mobile SIMs. To find the nearest store just go to the official website of the virtual home operator Vodafone and go to the section Find the nearest store. The activation cost is 9 euros, plus 0.99 cents for the cost of the Ho.Mobile SIM. To which must be added, of course, the 5.99 euros of the first monthly offer. The Internet connection is in 4G and all additional services such as voicemail, Mi Callback function and so on are included and there are no additional costs as per Ho.Mobile tradition.

Who can activate the discounted Ho.Mobile offer

The new offer proposed by Ho.Mobile for Black Friday can be activated at 5.99 euros only for users who come from a virtual operator. This is the list of those who can take advantage of the offer if they leave their current phone operator: Poste Mobile, Fastweb, BT Italia, Coop Voce, Digi Mobil, Digitel, Foll-In, Green Telecomunicazioni, Iliad, Kena Mobile, NT Mobile, NV mobile, Noitel, Rabona Mobile, Ringo Mobile, Tiscali, Welcome Italia, Fastweb (with SIM activated before 2016), Poste Mobile (even if activated before 2014). Those who do not come from one of these companies can still activate the offer with 50GB of Internet, unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS, however, paying 9.99 euros per month.