Black Friday offers, watch out for the scam. The alarm of the Police

On the Internet are already starting to circulate several scams related to the discounts of the upcoming Black Friday, here's how to recognize the fraud and how to avoid it

On the Net, as every November, the anticipation grows for Black Friday 2017, that is, the day of super discounts that will take place on Friday, November 24, 2017. Throughout the day, and often in the following hours, it will be possible to buy clothing and electronics online at a bargain price. But beware of scams.

The State Police, through its official page on Facebook "A life of Social" has already pointed out that on the Net have been identified frauds related to Black Friday. Fortunately, recognizing these scams is really very simple. Just look at the prices. If we find a site that promises us high fashion clothing at a few tens of euros or a portal that offers the latest electronic accessories at the cost of shipping only, we should not believe it. It is clearly a hoax. The purpose of cyber criminals is to steal a few tens and in some cases even hundreds of euros, but then at home will not arrive at our house no clothing and no device.

How to defend against online scams

To defend against scams related to Black Friday apply the classic advice that we adopt in the rest of the fraud on the Internet, WhatsApp and social networks. First, we avoid clicking on links of offers that arrive to us by email or WhatsApp without checking the reliability of the link and the source. Secondly, it is important to verify the URL of the site on which we are buying. Often hackers create almost identical copies of the most popular e-commerce to make us fall into their traps. We also check that the site uses HTTPS encryption. For payments we can use a security system, many antivirus have one to make an example. Or where possible we can order with the option of payment on delivery, so we will not have surprises. Among the scams already reported for Black Friday turns out a fake online clothing store has begun to sponsor Woolrich brand jackets and jackets for less than 60 euros. Obviously we should not believe these offers. If we pay we will not receive any clothes. As the State Police says: on the Internet, as well as in real life, no one gives us anything.