Black Friday, the best products with cyclonic technology

Cyclonic technology vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and air purifiers: how they work and why to buy them

Cyclonic technology over the years has undergone a rapid evolution, allowing to create a motor suitable not only for the creation of vacuum cleaners, but also hair dryers and air purifiers. Black Friday 2020 is the perfect opportunity to buy one of these devices at a discounted price.

Motors of this type allow you to suck air and, through a rotating element that makes thousands of revolutions per minute, to purify it by separating dust particles. The adjective 'cyclonic' therefore gives a good idea of how these motors work.  The choice of material is also important and must resist overheating and deformation. The best known motor is certainly the Digital Dyson Motor, DDM, made by Dyson, which has found wide fields of application and designed numerous devices: from vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, air purifiers and fans without blades.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner, how it works

Cyclonic technology allows you to make vacuum cleaners with a motor that can separate the air from dirt particles, but also mites, bacteria and harmful substances. With a cyclonic vacuum cleaner as the cleaned air is expelled, the dust is then deposited in a drawer by the effect of the motor blades, allowing bagless and, in the latest developments in this technology, even cordless devices thanks to a powerful battery which makes them even more convenient in everyday use.

There are mono-cyclonic devices, where there is a single cyclone that can filter out around 75% of the dust sucked in, and those with a multi-cyclonic motor, such as the cordless Dyson v11, which instead creates multiple parallel swirls, improves suction power and allows up to 99.97% of the dust particles on the surface being sucked in to be purified.

Cyclonic hair dryer, how it works

A normal hair dryer is powered by a fan that generates a directed flow of hot air and must be made of materials that ensure it is lightweight and easy to handle. Using a hair dryer with a cyclonic motor, you can achieve excellent results and protect the damage caused by heat.

Think of a model like the cyclonic hair dryer from Dyson: this product mounts a DDM V9 that moves 13 liters of air per second, with the tips of the blades traveling at 530 kilometers per hour at a distance of just 70 microns from the motor.

In addition, a sensor located in a glass bubble measures the temperature of the outgoing air 40 times per second, so it sends the data to a microprocessor that controls it. This allows you to keep your accessories cool to the touch and at the same time dry your hair without damaging it with excessive heat.

Cyclonic air purifiers, how they work

Air purifiers are devices that simulate the effect of changing the air in a room, such as when you open a window. If you live near a busy street or in the center of the city, particulate matter and pollutants are likely to enter your home, and using a purifier can be a good way to breathe air clean of all those agents that could harm our health.

Using cyclonic technology, an air purifier can capture up to 99.95% of ultra-fine particles, which are captured by filtration systems.

For example, Dyson purifiers are equipped with HEPA sealed active carbon filters that are able to clean the air of all pollutants and even gas particles. What's more, the outgoing jet of air can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, to act like an air conditioner and ensure a clean home at all times.

Cyclonic Technology, Advantages and Disadvantages

If we think of a vacuum cleaner, the advantage of using cyclonic technology is that you always have maximum suction power, which is not the case when using one with a bag. The more the bag fills up, the weaker the suction gets. Also, with traditional technology, not all the dust is sucked up.

Cyclonic technology also ensures greater temperature control in hair dryers and better air quality in the home with purifiers.

The big disadvantage of this type of product compared to traditional ones is mainly one: the very high cost. A problem that can be overcome by looking for the right offer during Black Friday discounts.