BlueSmart, the suitcases with GPS impossible to lose

The suitcases developed by BlueSmart can be tracked thanks to GPS, Internet connection and Bluetooth. They are for sale on Indiegogo

In a world where all objects are smart in recent times even the suitcases are taking steps forward by supporting Internet connection and GPS. In this context fit the suitcases Series 2 of the start-up BlueSmart that is currently being launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The company BlueSmart on the Net is famous for its smart suitcases. Back in 2014, also on Indiegogo, it presented a set of travel luggage that could be tracked via GPS. Now the company has decided to update its line by including new types of suitcases for different types of travel. The Series 2 consists of a classic carry-on luggage, a larger suitcase (the kind that usually ships in the cargo hold of airplanes), a connected passport accessory and a computer bag. All products in the series can be associated with an app that works on both iOS and Android devices.

Smart Suitcases

Thanks to the app, we can always know where our suitcases are. The two large luggage also have 3G connection and GPS while the PC bag and passport can only be connected to the smartphone using Bluetooth connection. This means that the latter two are only trackable if they are near us while the former are virtually impossible to lose. The passport accessory, for example, also sends notifications to the smartphone if we forget it far away from us while we're on the road. BlueSmart said that in addition to the new technologies used the whole line will be different from the Series 1 also for color and materials used. It must be said that the flaw of this Series 2 is the weight. The hand luggage weighs almost 9 kilos and the hold luggage weighs almost 13 kilos. In practice, for those who travel with low-cost companies that have a fairly strict regulation on weight limits, these bags are almost useless. The Series 2 at the moment on Indiegogo can be purchased for single luggage or all together. The most expensive piece is the hold suitcase that costs just over 300 euros. Shipping will start next September.