Bonjour, the smart alarm clock that makes your day better

The ioT device will offer a range of services from weather to traffic forecasts. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Spotify

If you hate the sound of your alarm clock, chances are you'll change your mind in a few months. To make your awakenings less traumatic soon could be Bonjour, a smart device with artificial intelligence.

Created by French company Holi, the IoT device still in the making is a hi-tech object that literally leaves you speechless. As you can see in the presentation video, Bonjour more than an alarm clock looks like a small personal assistant capable of offering a wide variety of services. The attractively designed device is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and is driven by an advanced artificial intelligence system. Secondo infatti quanto afferma la stessa azienda, la sveglia potrà anticipare le nostre domande e prendere delle decisioni in perfetta autonomia. Ad esempio se il device nota che la strada che abitualmente facciamo per andare a lavorare è intasata dal traffico, Bonjour ci sveglierà con qualche minuto di anticipo.

Addio beep

sveglia-intelligente.jpgFonte foto: Web

Sveglia Bonjour

Con Bonjour potremo dire addio soprattutto al fastidiosissimo beep. All’orario programmato, la sveglia infatti interromperà il nostro sonno con dolcezza attraverso una voce che fuoriesce dagli speaker integrati. Inoltre Bonjour dispone di un sistema di riconoscimento vocale che potrà essere  utilizzato per comunicare con il dispositivo IoT. Ad esempio usando la nostra voce potremo chiedere a Bonjour di farci ascoltare un po’ di musica rilassante. The alarm clock using the internet connection can be integrated with Spotify or other platforms that offer a similar service.


The most important feature that makes Bonjour an extraordinary device is the ability to make decisions autonomously. For example, if the alarm clock notices that the temperature outside is very low, it can advise us to cover ourselves well. Or we can tell Bonjour to let us rest a few more hours in case of rain.

Release date and price

The project is still in the making and is present on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Holi allows all backers to reserve Bonjour by paying $99 for a single device and $189 for two. For all others, however, the required dollars are $249. The first devices are expected to go on sale starting in June 2017.

(The video in the opening is from YouTube)

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