Bonus 600 euro INPS, website in tilt: problems with the compilation?

Problems with the compilation of the application for the 600 euro bonus: many users report to see on their profile the data of other people. What's happening

Update: the tweet from INPS

With a message in response to a tweet from a user, INPS informs that it is aware of the problem and is already working to solve it. "We are aware of the issue, also thanks to your reports that have been turned over to those in charge of online services. We apologize for what happened and we are working on a prompt resolution."

Update 2:00 pm. The INPS website is temporarily unreachable. In order to fix the various problems it has been decided to temporarily take the portal offline and whoever tries to access is greeted by this message:

"In order to allow a better and more effective channeling of service requests, the site is temporarily unavailable. We assure that all those entitled will be able to usefully submit the application to obtain the benefits."

President Tridico also explained that "In the last few days, and also this morning, we have received violent hacker attacks. This morning they added up to the many accesses, which reached 300 questions per second, and the site did not hold up. Therefore, we have now suspended the site. We will reopen it from 8 am to 4 pm for patronages and consultants and from 4 pm for citizens."

Original article

The problems of the INPS website do not seem to end. Since this morning (April 1, 2020) the site is stormed by VAT numbers and self-employed to request the bonus of 600 euros provided by the Decree Cura Italia. The procedure can only be done online from the INPS website that, however, is unable to handle all requests.

The problems, however, do not end there. After having reported this morning slowdowns and down of the portal due to the high number of accesses, now there are new reports regarding the compilation of the application. On Twitter many people are posting images of what is happening: by logging in with their credentials, you can see the data of other people who are requesting the bonus of 600 euros. Users are unable to go ahead and complete the request with their personal data. A problem that not only concerns the inability to send the request, but also the privacy of citizens. Any person can read personal data of other users, such as name, surname and tax code.

INPS, website down for 600 euro bonus requests: what's happening

Thousands of tweets with hashtag #INPSdown, images showing that by logging in with your profile you have access to personal data of other users, such as name, surname, but also disability and maternity. Since this morning, the INPS website has been stormed by millions of VAT account holders and self-employed people who need to apply for the 600 euro bonus provided by the Care Italy Decree, but many users are experiencing serious problems.

In addition to objective difficulties in accessing the site due to the excessive number of requests (as said by the president of INPS himself, the site receives 100 requests per second), the most important problem concerns the protection of personal data. Entering one's personal profile and seeing other people's personal and social security data is an obvious malfunction.

The cause could be errors in the site code or in the platform used to manage this operation, but at the moment the real reasons are unknown. The only sure thing is that the technicians are already working to find a valid solution in the shortest time possible, to give the possibility to the users to complete the compilation of the application for the 600 euro bonus.