Bonus bike and scooters, the day of the excluded: how to ask for reimbursement

Last call for the Bonus bike and scooters: the Government has reopened the online platform to request reimbursement up to 500 euros for purchases made last year.

Good news for those who, last year, bought a bike or a scooter (electric or traditional) hoping to get the famous "Bonus bike" up to 500 euros. As many will remember the incentive of the Government caused a lot of chaos and a thousand controversies, first for the continuous postponement of the Web platform through which you asked for the bonus, then for the technical crash of the platform itself and, finally, for the rapid exhaustion of available funds.

Many, at the time, had to give up the promised bonus for the simple fact that they could not access the overloaded platform. Those who instead preferred to skip the "click day" and waited for a quieter time to connect, then discovered that the money had run out. In short: those excluded from the bike bonus were many and are still very angry. But just today is their day because the platform to ask for the incentive reopens and, by the way, it seems that the Government has learned its lesson: the procedure has changed, there is no longer any click day but, instead, there is a month to ask for the money.

Bonus bike: what to do on January 14

Those who bought one of the micro-mobility means incentivable in the period between May 4, 2020 and November 2, 2020 and remained excluded from the bonus can access again the portal portal (without accent on the a) and do the same procedure already provided for the previous bonus.

You must access with SPID, something that last year also sent the SPID system itself into a tailspin but that this year should not cause any problems: millions of Italians have just created their digital identity to participate in the Christmas Extra Cashback.

To access with SPID the portal of the Mobility Bonus it is necessary to queue up, a measure adopted by Sogei (the public company that manages the site and the distribution of the bonus) to avoid overloading the servers. Once in the queue, you will have to follow the procedure already seen in November, entering your data and the invoice or receipt of the purchase of the vehicle for which you are requesting the bike and scooter bonus.

Bike bonus also for those who have not pre-registered

The procedure just described is also reserved for those who have not received the 2020 bike bonus and have not pre-registered for the 2021 one: in fact, there was a short window of time between November 9 and December 9 to request the bonus again.

Those who have pre-registered (according to the Ministry of Environment are about 119 thousand) will instead receive an email to the address indicated in the pre-registration phase with which they will be invited to upload the data and documentation necessary to receive the bonus bike.