Book Your Beach, the app for booking sunbeds and umbrellas at the beach

Without going to the beach and with a simple click, BYB allows you to make reservations also taking into account the reviews of other users

One of the sectors that has been more successful than any other in recent years is that of reservations, which have become simpler and cheaper thanks to the internet, and the boundless world of applications. And now with the arrival of summer, thanks to Book Your Beach, it will also be possible to book sunbeds and umbrellas.

The idea bears the signature of three Ligurian guys, whose application earned them the first prize at Chiavari Crea Impresa, in the tourism sector. Book Your Beach, as it is easy to guess from the name of the app, allows users to choose an umbrella or a sunbed before going to the beach. It will be sufficient, in fact, to use a mobile device - Android and iOS - to make reservations. The system developed by Roberta Adamo, Matteo Mazzini and Pietro Oneto, these are the names of the creators of the online platform, also works directly from the browser. And that's not all. It will be possible to evaluate the quality of the bathing establishments from the reviews released by other users.

How BYB works

The service, according to what we learn, at the moment will be available only in Liguria, although, according to the same guys who developed the application, soon it will be possible to book umbrellas and sunbeds on the beaches of other regions. BYB will offer different search parameters. Users, in fact, will be able to choose in relation to prices, the possibility of bringing a pet or not, or the availability of services for the disabled. Like most online booking platforms, in order to complete a transaction, it will be necessary to make a payment via credit card. And once that's done, BYB will send its customers a voucher.

BYB also offers advantages for managers

What advantages will the application have for managers? In addition to the convenience of managing their beaches in a faster and more organized way, the managers will be able to advertise themselves, publishing images and information about the services offered on the platform.