Boris 4, almost official the new season on Netflix

Lorenzo Mieli, producer of TV series and movies, is working on the fourth season of Boris: the announcement could come soon

"Given the success of Boris on Netflix we're thinking of a little big reunion for a short series with all the characters". With these words Lorenzo Mieli, producer of the most successful TV series of recent years, rekindles hopes for a fourth and (perhaps) final season of Boris, TV series initially broadcast on Fox and that since May 1, 2020 is back on Netflix, achieving great success. This seems to have prompted the producers and writers to resume a discourse never dormant: the fourth season of Boris.

The words of the producer have given rise to many assumptions: it will be a sort of reunion to Friends? Or a real TV series composed of at least six to eight episodes? It's hard to speculate without an official statement or some words from those directly involved, namely the actors who have made the TV series great. On several occasions they have given their availability for a further season of Boris, but the various commitments and projects have never allowed an official commitment.

Boris 4, ready the reunion for a new season

A small reunion, for a short series of a few episodes, but that will make happy the many Italian fans. Everything seems to be ready for Boris 4, a new season of one of the most beloved TV series of the last decades. René Ferretti and his crew are ready to return to film a new season of Gli Occhi del Cuore, or to embark on a new adventure, perhaps the Machiavelli project that everyone covets, but no one wants to do.

About where the new season of Boris will be broadcast, it is difficult to make predictions. The most likely hypothesis is Netflix, which has proven to bet on original Italian productions and which has obtained an excellent response since the TV series returned to the platform on May 1.

How to watch Boris on Netflix

While waiting for some official communication from the actors or the producer himself, fans can watch Boris in streaming on Netflix. To do so you need to be a subscriber and use one of the supported devices: smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs.

To watch Boris you need to launch Netflix, enter your credentials and search for Boris. The TV series banner will appear and by clicking on it you can choose which episode to watch.