Boris 4: official here’s where and when it will be released

Finally Renè Ferretti and his crew are coming back: the fourth season will be streamed, but not on Netflix. Here's where and when we'll see it

The long-awaited news finally arrived, unleashing the enthusiasm of the public: during the presentation conference of Star, the new channel of Disney +, the new Italian productions were announced and among them also stands out the fourth season of Boris.

We are talking about one of the cult TV series produced from 2007 to 2010 whose story seemed to have ended definitively with the 2011 movie. However, the audience never gave up and during the last 10 years has been clamoring for the return of Rene Ferretti, Ariadne and the other companions. About a year ago was even launched a petition on addressed to Netflix. The streaming platform had in fact included in the catalog the series getting a record number of views. On the other hand, the themes dealt with are incredibly topical: it is a subtle satire on the world of TV, society and politics. It entertains but - at the same time - leads the audience to reflect and laugh through gritted teeth. And this is the magic of Boris and before long it will be able to repeat itself, but not on Netflix, as many assumed. It will arrive on Disney + and more precisely on the Star channel.

Boris 4 plot: what it will be about

At the end of the third season we left Renè Ferretti intent on leaving the world of television with a bitter taste in his mouth. The conclusion of the series left one question hanging in the air: is another kind of television possible? And that's exactly where the fourth season of Boris will start, once again led by Francesco Pannofino as the director of the "Dai, dai, dai!" that has set the standard in the realm of memes, at least in Italy.

The plot of Boris 4 will begin with him and his entire crew who now find themselves facing a new world, made of digital, streaming and online platforms. Finally, Renè could have another chance, the chance to make a quality product, that doesn't have to bend to the logic of the market, of junk TV, to the need to make audience and money. Will he have a new series like "The Eyes of the Heart" to prepare or will he finally be able to dedicate himself to a valid and satisfying project? This is all to be seen and we will find out in the fourth season.

Cast Boris 4: actors and characters

At the return of Francesco Pannofino, who has always had a crucial role in the series, we will also find Caterina Guzzanti (Arianna, assistant director), Alessandro Tiberi (Alessandro, the intern), Alberto di Stasio (Sergio Vannucci, production manager) and Pietro Sermonti (Stanis, the star).

Unfortunately, we won't see Roberta Fiorentini again, who passed away about a year ago and played Itala, the edition secretary we used to see sitting next to Renè Ferretti. And surely the TV series will also suffer from another great absence: the writing of Mattia Torre, who passed away in 2019. He wrote the TV series together with Luca Vendruscolo and Giacomo Ciarrapico and also participated in the creation and direction of the feature film.

Boris 4 release: when and where we will see it

As announced, Boris will not be released on Netflix but on Disney +'s new generalist channel Star. The service in fact from February 23 will include a new list of titles suitable for an adult audience.

We still don't know when the fourth season of Boris will be released, but now that the news is official, we shouldn't wait long before finally watching it on streaming. In the meantime, we can review the best episodes on Netflix.