Boris comes the confirmation: the fourth season will be done

During a live broadcast on Twitch, actor Alberto Di Stasio confirmed the arrival of the new episodes. Here's what he revealed.

The fourth season of Boris will soon arrive on streaming. The news has been confirmed by Alberto Di Stasio, the actor who in the first seasons of the series played the role of Sergio Vannuncci, the production manager of the fictitious soap Gli occhi del cuore. The news has generated the enthusiasm of the public.

Boris is one of the most loved TV series by the Italian audience. It tells the story of the director Renè Ferretti, played by Francesco Pannofino and his television crew, committed to work in the set of the soap Gli occhi del cuore. Boris was broadcast first on Fox from 2007 to 2010 and then free-to-air on Cielo. But the first three seasons were re-released on Netflix with renewed success. After the series, was also born "Boris: the film" which tells the story of the protagonists behind the scenes of the film "La Casta". Boris is a satirical comedy, which deals with several issues, from the link between TV and politics, to the life of show business workers and the difficulties they live daily on the set. All this is treated in a brilliant, irreverent and ironic way.

Boris 4 is coming: the announcement in a live social broadcast

Alberto Di Stasio has released the indiscretion during a live broadcast on the Twitch platform: talking to a user, he announced that the fourth season of Boris is already in production and that filming will begin soon.

The announcement, therefore, did not come directly from the production company but from a member of the cast, but it is still very reliable. Filming is expected to begin during the summer and the new episodes could arrive on streaming in late 2021 or early 2022. But, contrary to what you might think, the new episodes will not be on Netflix.

Boris 4: where to watch the new episodes

Netflix has played a key role in making Italian audiences rediscover the drama Boris. Although it aired about 10 years ago, many young people had not seen it. At least until the streaming platform decided to include it in its catalog, about a year ago.

Since then, it has been a boom of views. Boris quickly entered the Top 10 of the channel's most viewed Italian series, not to mention the quotes and memes that quickly spread online.

After the success, a petition had even been born on to continue the production of the "best comedy product of the last 20 years in Italy". It was also signed by numerous artists, including the cast of Boris: from Caterina Guzzanti (who plays Arianna in the series) to Carolina Crescentini (who plays Corinna Negri).

Notwithstanding, the new episodes are changing home. In fact, the rights of Boris belong to Fox, which in turn is part of the Disney + group. With the entry of the generalist channel Star, which will offer content, not only for children and teens, but also for adults, finally Boris will find a suitable channel. Therefore, the fourth season will be broadcast on the Star channel of Disney +.